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The University of Texas-Austin might be a basketball school now. Their football team is still good, just not great. But their basketball team… wow! Coming off a win over North Carolina in the Maui Invitational, I’m here to show you that Texas, is back (but in basketball).

A lot of people wrote Texas off in their matchup against Indiana. What did Texas do, you may ask?

Wipe the floor with them.

Then, fans said UNC would beat them. But no, Matt Coleman hit a game-winner and Texas won the Maui Invitational. This Texas team is very talented with enormous potential. It doesn’t have any superstars, but the Longhorns are an all-around strong team.

Matt Coleman looks like a floor general. Courtney Ramey is the best shooter. And Jericho Sims and five-star prospect Greg Brown are crashing the boards like crazy. This Texas team has the heights of a deep March Madness run. We could be looking at an Elite Eight caliber team.

Yes, I said it. 

Texas also has Kai Jones, a good post-scorer. They have Andrew Jones, whose averaging the third most PPG on the team.  Brock Cunningham is a strong defender. If there’s one word to describe this ’20-’21 Longhorns team: selfless.

There’s no superstar who is shooting as much as he can to raise his draft stock. There’s just a bunch of guys who want to win. The biggest problem with Texas are the fouls. They foul a lot. But they also get fouled a lot, so that’s kind of offset. My final point is: Texas is legit.

This might be their best team since Kevin Durant wore the burnt orange.

Hook ’em.

Photo: Kathy Kmonicek