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The 2020 NBA Season will be remembered for a variety of things, the Finals being one of them. From the Miami Heat’s epic run through the Eastern Conference to LeBron James securing his fourth championship, this past season will be recognized as one of the greatest, but also one of the strangest.

Thanks to the implementation of the bubble, new sources come out every day questioning the results of the Finals, and whether or not the season should be seen as a fluke. Team representatives and players openly wonder if the Lakers vs Heat showdown would have even occurred under normal conditions. However, a Finals rematch could be on the way, this time without questions surrounding the winners.

The Los Angeles Lakers are not only the favorites to win the championship next year, but they are also so heavily favored that any other prediction is laughed at in the eyes of the oddsmakers. After easily running through the Western Conference Playoffs and winning the Finals last year, the Lakers only got better.

The storied franchise surrounded their dynamic duo, LeBron James and Anthony Davis, with players who are sure to make an immediate impact on the team. Two of the main acquisitions the Lakers made were bringing in Sixth Man of the Year Montrezl Harrell, an energetic big man who can bring consistency to their offense, and point guard Dennis Schroeder who can ease the workload on an aging LeBron. Thanks to their offseason additions, the Lakers should feel very good heading into this upcoming season.

The Miami Heat went on a Cinderella-type run in last year’s playoffs, knocking off the MVP and Defensive Player of the Year Giannis Antetokounmpo en route to a finals appearance against the Lakers. Thanks to the leadership of Jimmy Butler, the Heat look ready to go at any given moment.

To go along with the progression of up-and-coming stars Tyler Herro and Bam Adebayo, the Heat added some depth to their lineup, signing former-Laker Avery Bradley. Bradley is a consistent three-point shooter who can also fill the Heat’s weakness as a perimeter defender. This Heat team has been doubted before, but under the coaching of Erik Spoelstra, they cannot be counted out.

So is a finals rematch possible? Definitely. It wouldn’t shock anyone if the Lakers manage to come out of the Western Conference for a matchup against the East’s best team. The Lakers have the best player, and the best duo in the entire league, making them favored to win any series they play in.

As for the Heat, the road back to the finals will be tougher due to the rise of the Brooklyn Nets featuring future Hall of Famers Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, as well as the improvement of Antetokounmpo’s Milwaukee Bucks. But the Heat have something those teams do not, great coaching and great leadership. If the Heat can use their strengths to their advantage, it is definitely possible that they can return to the Finals for a rematch against LeBron and the Lakers.

As for the winner of a potential rematch, we will have to wait and see, but both teams will be ready to take on any opponent in their way.

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