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Sam Darnold’s Jets Tenure was the Ultimate Butt-Fumble

Reading Time: 6 minutesOn April 26th, 2018, I woke up in the shower. Not because I was getting myself ready for school: I legitimately slept-walked into the shower at 3:00 AM because I couldn’t sleep the night before the NFL Draft. If that story doesn’t describe the absolute thirst that Jets fans (like myself) have to find their franchise Quarterback, I don’t know what does. ———————— So how did we end up here, nearly 3 years later, with Sam Darnold in Carolina Panthers’ blue? The answer is the perfect storm that only the Jets could produce. I hate this...

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Why the Panthers Should Trade Christian McCaffrey

Reading Time: 2 minutesChristian McCaffrey is, in my opinion, the best Running Back in football. He’s a great runner, an amazing pass catcher, an underrated blocker, and last year was arguably the whole Panthers offense. This past season, Christian had one of the best seasons for a Running Back ever, putting up 2392 scrimmage yards (1387 rushing, 1005 receiving) and 19 touchdowns. There’s no denying his playing ability, but paying a Running Back top dollar, especially when headed into a rebuild, is not the right decision for the long-term. Running Backs are the most replaceable position in football, and...

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Breaking Down the P.J. Walker Signing

Reading Time: 2 minutesPJ Walker, formerly the quarterback of the Houston Roughnecks (XFL), has signed a two-year-deal with the Carolina Panthers. Walker, 25, was the league’s biggest star this past season and helped lead the Roughnecks to an undefeated campaign. Walker will be reuniting with his former College HC, Matt Rhule, who just signed a 7-year, $62m deal in January. Walker began his NFL career signing to the Indianapolis Colts as an undrafted free agent following the 2017 NFL Draft. Walker was repeatedly signed and waived by the Colts from 2017-2019, but was given the chance to play in...

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What’s Next For for the Panthers, Post-Rivera?

Reading Time: 3 minutesAs the Carolina Panthers’ playoff hopes have disappeared after a loss to the Atlanta Falcons, they now look ahead to a future that is mostly dependent on Cam Newton. More specifically, which team he plays for next season. Since Newton’s contract isn’t up until after the 2020-21 season, the only way the Carolina Panthers can keep rookie Kyle Allen at the helm is to trade Newton to a team like the Chicago Bears or the Detroit Lions, or pull a New Orleans Pelicans and say he is injured for the season even if he’s not –...

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