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Jack Settleman is the founder of SnapBack Sports, the most followed sports Snapchat account in the world with over 500 million views annually. Instead of building a traditional sports media platform on Instagram, Twitter or even TikTok, Settleman followed his shrewd instincts and started a sports media account on Snapchat. What began as his side hobby during his Junior year at the University of Texas-Austin, has now become a collaboration with the most exciting teams and figures in all of sports.   Settleman has also expanded the brand to podcasting by hosting a show with his longtime friend Abe Granoff.  The widely-known sports podcast ‘Snapback Sports Pod’ was the number one rated show on Apple Charts in 2019 and continues to strive in 2020. Settleman grabs the attention of young, passionate sports followers.

SnapBack Sports Pod

Settleman and Granoff’s biweekly podcast, SnapBack Sports Pod, discusses the latest news around the sports world. Whether it be “GOAT” debates, Knicks rants or NFL power rankings, the duo always brings a new edge of creativity and passion to each episode that simply can’t be found with traditional sports media brands.

The duo have interviewed widely-known sports figures such as NBA G League Champion Derrick White, PLL co-founder Paul Rabil, 13x Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest Champion Joey Chestnut, Jaguars RB Dare Ogunbowale, NBA analyst Jay Williams, Chargers RB Austin Ekeler and many more intriguing guests. By building a personal connection with their guests they are able to delve into details and discussions that few others can achieve. When listening to the SnapBack Sports Pod, listeners genuinely feel like they are sitting on the couch with friends in the studio. The debates, love for sports, camaraderie and chemistry keep every episode authentic and leave the audience wanting them not to end.

SnapBack Experiences

With his non-stop work ethic, Settleman brings a unique perspective to Snapchat. Partnering with numerous professional and collegiate sports teams, Settleman incorporates a “SnapBack Experience” to his followers when he attends sporting games. Settleman takes his followers virtually into his seat while providing live updates and reactions throughout the duration of the game. His most notable SnapBack Experiences were the annual Red River Showdown between Texas and Oklahoma, Super Bowl LIV, NBA All-Star Weekend and MLB Playoffs. In addition to attending numerous football games played by his alma mater, Univ. of Texas, Settleman also frequently attends Knicks basketball games and Ravens Football games. The SnapBack Experiences demonstrates his love of sharing the game, making  the SnapBack sports account unique.

SnapBack Merchandise

Settleman has further extended the brand by making merchandise. Followers of his brand eagerly buy t-shirts, dad hats and sweatshirts and by doing so, they connect fans with the Settleman and all that he represents. Settleman designs a clean and sleek image for all of his outfits. When a fan purchases merchandise from SnapBack, they become part of the “SnapBack fam” and are proud to show that.

SnapBack Sports YouTube

Settleman along with his brother Casey Settleman co-host the SnapBack Sports YouTube channel. With 27,000 subscribers in under two years, the SnapBack Sports YouTube page provides an inside view to Settleman’s life. With a rabid fanbase, the channel is the home to numerous live streams and videos. Often playing Madden and NBA 2K with subscribers, these interactions make the bonds with fans much stronger.

Daily Sports Text Updates + Quote

In order to further communicate with his fans in real time, Settleman decided to share his phone number with his fans so they can directly contact him. When you add his number to your contacts, Settleman sends out ‘Three Sports Updates You Need To Know” along with an inspirational quote every morning. This gives the common fan a refresher and an update into what is going on around the sports world.  It also serves as another high touch-point and strengthens the bond between Settleman and his fans.

Sports Cards

During the COVID-19 quarantine, Settleman along with millions of young sports fans dove into the Sports Cards industry. The popularity of cards was trending downhill but has recently been reenergized into one of the fastest growing hobbies today. Collecting over thousands of cards, Settleman has teamed up with Chad Bleznick, founder of BlezSportsCards. Always looking for the next big player, Settleman gives fans an insight into which cards will increase in value the most. On all of his social media platforms, Settleman is encouraging fans to reach out, trade cards and enter the growing Sports Card Market. Drew Lock, Rui Hachimura, Lamar Jackson and Giannis Antetkunmpo are all players on the rise, in Settleman’s opinion.


With over 1.5 million followers on his social media, Settleman has collaborated and partnered with numerous world-famous brands. A few NBA seasons ago, Settleman partnered with the New York Knicks for a SnapBack Experience at Madison Square Garden during a regular season game. Other brands such as Nerf, Gillete, MyBookie and the NFLPA are all common partners with the SnapBack brand. Every year, at the Kentucky Derby, Settleman partners with Twin Spires to promote ticket sales and his picks for the race.

Jack Settleman is succeeding where traditional media companies are not by using all the levers of social media to connect with his followers. This authenticity leads to an incredibly strong two-way relationship. As long as Settleman continues on this path, his followers will continue to support him in every way that they can.

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