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Riley Ridley out of Georgia is a dude that should not be overlooked by any means going into 2020. Ridley has been growing up in the shadow of his older brother, Calvin Ridley, a first round draft pick for the Atlanta Falcons.

Riley really broke onto the scene in the 2018 SEC championship vs Alabama where he would prove that he was more than a run blocker. Time after time Fromm would go to him for a big play in high leverage moments because he knew that he was that rock for the team.

Ever since college Ridley has shown his stellar hands; in 2018 caught 93.5% of his catchable targets deeming him 3rd in the country in that department. Better yet, he caught 75% of his contested ball matchups that year, making him the 5th best in the nation in that stat.

Ridley’s trademark attribute would easily be his precise route running, as NFL Network thought he was “the best route runner this year [In this draft class]” when he was drafted in the 4th.

Ridley has always been popping eyes around the country with his great route running and ability to be that technician in the offense, which is what they called him when reflecting on his role with the Chicago Bears.

Aside from Ridley’s physical gifts, he also offers much more. Riley brings that Florida boy DNA to the table; the dude is simply a competitor, which was shown in the SEC and CFB championship, both games against his brother that brought out his competitive nature.

Prior to these games Riley never really made a name for himself, so he had to accept being called “the little brother of Calvin Ridley” by the announcers. Riley simply wasn’t going to accept it, as he arguably outplayed his brother, a guy who looked like a sure fire top 10 pick, in both games.

Ridley is always going to always rise to the occasion and make sure he’s not overlooked when given the chance, because it’s simply in his DNA.