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A question that has been stuck in Browns fan’s heads for a while is if their next season will end the same way as the last one did.

Last season, Browns fans thought it was their year – but in hindsight, that was false. They didn’t realize how many gaps the team had on their roster, which led them to overhyping the team after the OBJ trade. Also, everyone thought the Browns finally found a competent head coach in Freddie Kitchens. One star was added and there was a new coach. All of a sudden Cleveland was a Super Bowl team.

To be fair, it wasn’t only Browns fans that hyped the team up, the media did too. They had a good preseason, going 3-1, only taking a one-point loss to the Buccaneers. The regular season started off awful, a 43-13 loss to the Titans.

This wasn’t a team, it was a collection of football players. They didn’t play like they had  ever practiced together, they were much different then what we thought they were going to be.

Here are some notable moments from the season – They beat the Jets, 23-3, Browns fans thought that was the win that would kickstart the team, but one important thing that makes the win less exciting – Sam Darnold was out, and Luke Falk was the starter. Let’s look at Luke Falk’s stats – 0 TDs, 3 INTs, 416 YDS.

Another awful moment was their 24-38 loss against the Cardinals, a team that went 5-10-1. Apparently, reporters and fans heard Jarvis Landry yelling “Come get me!” to the Cardinals sideline. He has denied this, but if it’s true, that shows how split the team was.

In the Browns  2nd-to-last game against the Ravens, videos showed Odell Beckham Jr. throwing his helmet at a staff member and yelling at Freddie Kitchens after an idiotic 2 point conversion call. I can’t count how many articles I saw about that incident, saying that Odell wanted out of Cleveland and that he wasn’t a good fit there. Hopefully this drama doesn’t return next season.

50% of their losses were by more than 10 points, that’s 5 – for comparison to the Bengals, a team that went 2-14 and were the worst team in the league, also losing 5 games by more than 10 points. Just embarrassing. By the way, the Browns last game was against the Bengals, and we lost 33-23. This was the final straw for the Browns, as they fired Freddie Kitchens shortly after this loss.

Let’s just hope the Browns are better next season. They’ve had a good free agency, but it might not be enough. I’ve learned not to overhype this team after the torturous 2019 season.

Photo credit: NBC Sports