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Obviously, the Browns O-line needs some help coming into the 2020 draft. There are 4 players that they should possibly take with their pick. Jedrick Wills, Tristan Wirfs, Mekhi Becton, and Andrew Thomas, but who should they pick?

Let me eliminate one first – Mekhi Becton. Yes, Mekhi Becton had an impressive 40 yard dash, but I have recently watched some tape, and he has many problems. He doesn’t have explosiveness, bad footwork, and edge rushers just slide past him. Also, he recently failed a drug test.

The next prospect we’re looking at is Tristan Wirfs. Let us just get this out of the way: Wirfs was suspended for OWI in 2018. But when he came back, he had a strong showing. After watching some film on Wirfs, here are some things I noted. He has good footwork, doesn’t hold on to extended block, doesn’t let edge rushers slide past him, and has a well-timed punch.

The next prospect we’re looking at is Jedrick Wills. I think Wills is one of our top contenders here after watching some film, as he has incredible footwork and is athletic. He has a lot of positives, and if I listed any negatives, it’s that he overextends, which is something that could be fixed.

The last prospect and the player most people think the Browns are taking is Andrew Thomas. Thomas did however have a minor ankle injury in 2018. Here are some notes after watching film: sloppy footwork, has good recovery, overextends sometimes, has the ability to play either tackle spot, and he plays with a competitive mentality.

So, if I had to rank these four players, heres how I would rank them – 1. Jedrick Wills 2. Andrew Thomas 3. Tristan Wirfs 4. Mekhi Becton. Overall this lineman class is incredible, and I would be fine getting any of these players – except Becton.

Photo: Seth Emerson