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Searching for their 9th consecutive Scudetto, Juventus are leading with a comfortable 4-point lead. Leading their team is Cristiano Ronaldo, with 22 goals, and at the back the duo of Bonucci and De Ligt. Juventus still has matches against Atalanta and Lazio, who are both strong competitors. 

Here are possible reasons on why Juventus will come out as champions, or quite possibly, won’t:

Reasons Juventus will be champions:

It is rather apparent that Juventus were favorites at the beginning, and will remain favorites to win the league. Their attack led by Ronaldo has produced 52 goals (5th in the league), while they have let just 24 (1st in the league). Along with Ronaldo, Dybala, Higuain, Bernardeschi, and Cuadrado have wreaked havoc for opponent defenses.

Their defense has been their core throughout the season, even after a devastating injury to Giorgio Chiellini. Juventus have performed under pressure several times throughout the season and can get the win when they need to.

Reasons Juventus won’t be champions:

Although they may seem a world-class team on paper, with the individuals they have, they have many concerns and very little solutions.

Juventus does not have a proper left-back at the moment. With Alex Sandro and De Sciglio injured, and Matuidi forced to start at LB against Lecce. The team will have to find a way to get around this problem.

Their biggest problem and the possible catalyst for their fall is their midfield. Throughout the season, Juve’s midfield has been very poor. They have been slow on the ball, have not been able to deliver any proper crosses, or get the ball through the lanes to Ronaldo or the respective center-forward. Their poor midfield has been the cause of their losses in the league and other competitions. When they go up against teams like Atalanta, AC Milan, and Lazio, their midfield will have to play a crucial part. Sarri has not been able to get the midfield properly organized.

Other causes for concern for Juventus include starting their games in a very slow and sloppy fashion. Even as the game progresses, the players still play very lazy soccer and aren’t pressing higher up. Their first two games against Bologna and Lecce have been a clear indicator that Juventus are not the team they should be.

Although favorites, two crucial games against two top-four teams will reveal whether Juventus will be able to win their 9th consecutive Scudetto.