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With the start of the Formula 1 season just days away, this will be the first season with a new schedule on tap. Many believe the new racing guides benefit and detract from the talent of certain racing teams.

Upon a closer look, the new layout of the tracks is in favor of Red Bull and Ferrari. As passionate F1 fans know, Max Verstappen (Racing King of Austria) will enter the season opening in back-to-back races at the Red Bull Ring. It looks like he could take an early lead in the championship.

The next two rounds are housed at Silverstone, which many believe to be a toss-up between any of the three top teams this year. Ferrari will look to storm back at two of their best tracks with Spa and Monza both of which are tracks which heavily favor the cars with the top speed.

The rest of the year is up in the air currently, but one of the most common themes is that Mugello will be on the calendar and most likely for Ferrari’s 1000th Grand Prix. As that Ferrari owns that track and they have already done test runs in the SF1000 it makes the most sense they would have a major leg up on all of the competition.

In this years D&C Championship, fans expect will be very close this year with the tracks that made the Merc so dominant being taken off the calendar. Many could see this season turning out like the illustrious 2007 season. In 2007 the three top drivers of Kimi Raikkonen, Fernando Alonso, and Lewis Hamilton gave it everything they had as it came down to the wire with Kimi winning by 1 point and Lewis and Fernando being tied for second.

This same scenario could play out with Lewis, Charles, and Max with each having the advantage on the opening tracks. All of this combined could lead to the most exciting championship in recent memory for both the drivers and constructors.

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