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The NBA season is on hold and is potentially being canceled. However, if the season were to start back up, there are numerous players who we’ll be anxious to see get out there and perform. If not this season, then definitely next season. There are 5 specific players to keep an eye on.

1) Kevin Durant: We all know how lethal of a player and shooter KD is.  Seeing KD have so much fun on the Nets bench with Kyrie Irving makes us even more excited to see what these two can do together on the floor. Imagine these two with a third star, too!

2) John Wall:  Imagine if Bradley Beal can sustain his current level of play with a healthy John Wall. Not only would this be a top backcourt duo in the league, but Washington could certainly make some noise in the playoffs.

3) Klay Thompson: A healthy Warriors team with Steph, Klay, Wiggins, Draymond, and whoever they draft with their lottery pick would create a formidable group that will once again be contending in the Western Conference for a championship. The question is, will Klay be the same as he was pre-injury?

4) Victor Oladipo: Rumors are swirling around the league that Oladipo turned down a 4 year, $80 million contract extension earlier this season. However, talks didn’t go far as Oladipo rejected the offer. With this report, teams around the league have been rumored to be monitoring the situation.

Oladipo struggled in his return from injury. But it’s expected considering how severe his injury was. He’s just got to get his feet underneath himself. The problem is simple, though. Will Oladipo ever get back to being the 2-Way All-Star that he was, or will he have to regain that success over time? His trade value will skyrocket if he fails to get back up to speed after this injury.

5) DeMarcus Cousins: Not too long ago, Cousins was averaging 25/11/5 splits as the secondary scoring option to Anthony Davis in New Orleans. After recovering from injuries last year, he tore his ACL this year before ever getting on the floor. Will Boogie ever be able to regain his status as a Top 3-5 Center in the league again?


Image: Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports