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Though the NBA is only suspended for 30 days, commissioner Adam Silver believes it is more likely that the season will resume in mid-to-late June. So how will the NBA handle this?


Well, it’s simple really. Everything is going to pushed back for two months this season. This is how this season would look:

Resume Season: June 10th (Play games that weren’t played on March 11th, Play March 12th, on June 11th, etc.)

End Regular Season: June 17th (Play March 18th games)

Start Playoffs: June 20th (First Round: 5 games)

Start 2nd Round: July 1st

Start Conference Finals: July 17th

Start Finals: August 1st 

End Finals: August 18th

NBA draft: August 22nd

NBA Free Agency: August 27th


Most teams would play 67-69 games and the Regular Season would really just be training for the playoffs.

The First Round being shortened is not ideal but is not an odd scenario. Until 2003, every first round series was only 5 games. This would be temporary and the First Round will be 7 games next season.

The rest of the playoffs would be similar to how the NBA usually runs it except it would end 2 months late.

The NBA draft should still be after the season instead of it keeping its current date (June 25th). There would be some issues however with Free Agency.

The NBA is usually dead in September, almost nothing interesting happens. And it would have to compete with the MLB and NFL assuming those leagues keep their regular timelines.

But this would be made up as the playoffs in the middle of the summer would likely lead to more revenue as they would only be competing with the MLB.


Now let’s look forward to the 2020-21 and 2021-22 seasons:

Training Camp Begins: October 13th

Preseason Begins: October 24th

NBA Season Begins: November 10th

NBA season Ends: May 5, 2021

Playoffs Begin: May 8, 2021

Second Round Begins: May 22, 2021

Conference Finals Begins: June 5, 2021

Finals Begin: June 22, 2021

Finals End: July 9, 2021

NBA draft: July 15, 2021

Free Agency Begins: July 19, 2021


Training Camp Begins: October 1, 2021

Preseason Begins: October 9, 2021

NBA Season Begins: October 26, 2021

NBA season Ends: April 13, 2022

Playoffs Begin: April 16, 2022

Second Round Begins: May 30, 2022

Conference Finals Begins: May 15, 2022

Finals Begin: June 2, 2022

Finals End: June 19, 2022

NBA draft: June 23, 2022

Free Agency Begins: June 30, 2022


The NBA season would have an impacted schedule for this season and next season, but the season after would have a similar schedule to that of the early 2010s.

The NBA’s schedule will be awry for only two seasons, but would be fine afterwards.  So the NBA could be brought back this season and though the schedule would be off, it would only affect two seasons schedule’s majorly.

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