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As we begin to prepare for the final playoff push in the 2020 NFL season, many questions still await to be answered.

Let’s take a look at two teams I trust, and two I don’t trust:

TRUST: New Orleans Saints

Currently, on a six-game winning streak, the Saints sit at the top of the NFC. Despite some regression from Drew Brees, and an out of form Micheal Thomas, the Saints have still managed to find ways to win. With a lot of other NFC teams having some glaring holes, this Saints team may be the most well rounded in the conference. With the spotlight off their backs this year due to the flashiness of the Seahawks and Bucs, they may just make it past the divisional round.

DON’T TRUST: Indianapolis Colts

I think they are a very good football team, with an amazing and a great O-Line. But how can a team with Inconsistent RB play and a lack of productive receivers and an at best average QB win playoff games? This team needs one more year to add a few key pieces, then watch out.

DON’T TRUST: Seattle Seahawks

When Russell Wilson is cooking, all is well for Pete Caroll‘s team. But the second he comes back down to earth, it’s clear that this team is very, very beatable. I’m not saying Russ can’t play on an MVP level in the playoffs, but that’s a lot to ask, and one bad game from Russ would be all it takes for the Seahawks to go home, as that defence is not bailing them out of anything.

TRUST: Kansas City Chiefs

 To me, Andy Reid and his tea, are the frontrunners for the Lombardi Trophy. We know they have what it takes, they’ve proven it, and until someone shows me another team that they truly think can beat KC in the playoffs, the Chiefs are the team to beat, and will be until they are.

Image: Elaine Thompson / USA TODAY Sports