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1. Broncos trade up to get Jerry Jeudy

Broncos trade the 15th pick and the 83rd pick (from Pittsburgh) to the Cleveland Browns and draft Jerry Jeudy. The Broncos get their number two receiver to add with Cortland Sutton on a young emerging offense. The Browns can move back five spots to draft one of the top five offensive tackles, while acquiring more draft capital.

2. Falcons trade up to get Javon Kinlaw

Falcons trade the 16th pick, 134th pick (from Baltimore), and a next year 3rd round pick to the New York Jets for the 11th pick and the 158th pick. This trade allows the Falcons to get the defensive help they need in Kinlaw and the Jets trade back but still have the option of drafting one of the elite tackles or a WR.

3. Dolphins trade up to get Herbert

The Dolphins trade the Redskins the 6th, 18th and 39th pick in exchange for the 2nd pick. In this trade, the Dolphins have the opportunity to draft either Tua or Herbert without the fear of the Chargers or another team jumping them. For the Redskins, this trade allows them to trade back and select their highest rated OT at the 6th pick and a top tier WR at 18.

4. Patriots trade up to draft Tua

The Patriots have made it known that they want to use a “premium” pick this year on a QB. In this trade, the Lions give up the 3rd pick in the draft for the 23rd pick, 98th pick, and a next year’s 2nd round pick. In this trade, the Patriots get to trade up and get their QB of the future and give up some of their already luxurious draft capital. The Lions, on the other hand, move back this year in the 1st round to draft the best remaining CB and expand their draft capital.

5. Seahawks trade for Yannick Ngakoue 

Jadeveon Clowney’s asking price is too high for any team currently, and trading for Ngakoue can replace Clowney at a cheaper cost for a more extended period. Trading for Ngakoue and giving up the 27th pick makes sense for the Seahawks because Ngakoue is more talented than any player that is going to be available at 27.

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