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In 2016, Denver’s stellar secondary was a large part of their success and Super Bowl run. Here’s where the Super Bowl 50 champion’s defense is now.

Chris Harris Jr

Many would say Harris hit his peak the season after the Broncos won the Super Bowl. Harris was spectacular in the 2016 season, making the All-Pro first team and being selected to the Pro Bowl. After that season, the decline of Harris was beginning as he was getting older. Harris, now 30, signed with the Los Angeles Chargers this past offseason. Fans didn’t love the decision of him going to an AFC West rival, but they will always love him for what he did on the roster.

Bradley Roby

Roby has never been a superstar, but was always a key part in Broncos playoff victories. Whether it was a game winning play in the AFC Championship or locking down a slot receiver, Roby was always an X-factor in crucial games. Roby would continue to spend his next few season with Denver, before left in the 2018-19 offseason for the Houston Texans. Roby earned a starting spot on the their roster, and continues to play there today.

Aquib Talib

After winning the Super Bowl at the age of 29, Talib stayed on top of the league. He made the All-Pro first team the following season, and made two consecutive Pro Bowl appearances. After the 2017 season, Talib was traded to the Los Angeles Rams where he started to age and decline. At 33 years old, Talib was released by the Rams,where he was placed on the IR and never ended up playing a snap. At the end of the season, Talib was released.

T.J. Ward

After signing Ward in the 2013-14 offseason, the Broncos made him an instant starter. For three seasons, Ward was a key part of the Denver defense, but in 2017 he was released from the roster. Ward was picked up by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and he would go on to play the rest of the season with them. Since being out of the league, Ward has had some legal troubles with possession of marijuana.

Photo credit: The Athletic