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Coming out of highschool, Josh Rosen was a highly touted recruit. With offers from the powerhouses of the PAC-12 as well as many other top programs across the nation, the 5 star pro style quarterback decided to continue his career at UCLA. After 3 years with the Bruins, Rosen was selected 10th overall by the Arizona Cardinals in the 2018 draft. After just two seasons in the NFL, the once highly touted prospect has been cut from his second NFL team.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The dream landing spot for Rosen would be Tampa Bay. Arians has a history of elevating the play of quarterbacks. In April of 2013, the Arizona Cardinals traded two late round picks for Carson Palmer. With Arizona, Carson Palmer was an MVP candidate and a fan favorite around the league. If Rosen can sit behind Brady for a year or two and learn from that savvy Head Coach/Quarterback duo, why can’t he be the next comeback kid?

Indianapolis Colts

The Colts would also be a situation in which Rosen wins. Frank Reich is one of the most QB friendly head coaches in the league as he’s shown in the past making Jacoby Brissett look like a possible franchise QB. Rosen has all the physical talent in the world. His anticipation as a passer has been really shaky up to this point in his NFL career. With three quarterbacks on the roster already, he’d likely be assigned to the practice squad, but just being in the same building as two veterans and a great coach can be a big aid to a young quarterback. 

New England Patriots

The Patriots are always a name thrown around when talking about quarterbacks needing a rebound. New England has a history of boosting the development of passers. Brady, Garoppolo, and Brissett are all names to talk about in the QB factory that is Foxborough. 

Philadelphia Eagles

While the Eagles may be considered a wild card here, I really love this fit. I’m against the narrative that Wentz is injury prone, but god forbid he go down, I think Rosen is a serviceable game manager. Let him come in and learn behind one of the best passers in the NFL, or if he fails to beat Hurts out for the two spot, I trust him more than Nate Sudfeld. 

Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers were one of the craziest teams in the league last year. Their defense carried them to an 8-8 record after Big Ben went down, but the quarterback play of Mason Rudolph and Duck Hodges was horrendous. I expect at least one of those two to get cut. Why not bring in Rosen once again learn from a veteran QB and head coach?

While these five teams would be the best fits for Rosen, any stable team would be a great spot for the former first-rounder

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