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Recently, one of the biggest headlines coming out of New York sports, besides the Knicks draft position… is Joe Judge‘s hard-nosed coaching style.

Joe Judge enters his first season as a Head Coach of the New York Giants in 2020, and for some odd reason, Judge’s tendencies in camp are enough to worry some.

Many are concerned that Judge’s expletive-laced practices are a recipe for failure.

But, I personally believe it’s time for a change in New York. While Bill Belichick and Tom Coughlin, two coaches who brought a similar culture as to what Judge seems to be trying to establish, were down coaching in the Big Apple, New York won all four of their Super Bowls.

So, the culture is nothing new in New York. Judge has been reported to make both coaches and players run laps upon mistakes.

I really do not understand why this is such a big deal. My guess is the soft New York sports media, but it’s just ridiculous. As a young athlete myself, if my team looks terrible and sloppy, you best bet we’re running a couple laps. I don’t understand why it should be any different in the pros.

Also, Judge needs to establish this culture. It’s a must. This team has been losing for way too long, and with all this young talent, if you do not establish that you need to work to get better, this team will be disaster for even more years to come.

It seems Judge is attempting to replicate an environment similar to Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban according to Giants 36th overall pick Xavier McKinney who played under Nick Saban at Alabama.

“It’s very similar. When I kind of figured out and when he discussed some of his rules and how he wanted things to be handled and how he wanted us to be as a team, it was almost like a mirror version of how it was at Bama for me. As far as that, it was an easy adjustment for me. I have already been in this type of system. It wasn’t that hard of a transition.

Well, clearly Xavier McKinney believes Judge is creating a workplace similar to Nick Saban’s in who Judge worked with within his time at Alabama.

Judge seems to have gotten his work ethic into Giants superstar running back Saquon Barkley as Judge tore into him the other day as Saquon ran laps. Then after practice, Saquon took it upon himself to run a couple more. Props to Judge here.

Overall, the New York Giants need someone to really tear into them and get the wheels on this truck rolling. I think Judge fits the bill perfectly.

Photo: USA Today Sports