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The UFC has a large amount of fights that they can make right now which everybody would be extremely excited for. Many of which would be for championship belts. However, I believe that best fight to make should not even be for a belt, instead it would be a title eliminator.

That fight is Tony Ferguson vs. Conor McGregor, at lightweight. There is no denying that Conor is the biggest star the UFC has ever seen, and every single time he steps into the octagon sports fans are going to tune in. Dana White would also do anything to have Conor face off against Khabib again considering how well their first fight went. This fight should be scheduled as long as Khabib defends his belt against Justin Gaethje.

This fight would benefit every one involved.

For Conor, it would be his chance to prove that he is the real deal. Accepting this fight would show that Conor is interested in winning the belt again, ending his retirement once again. A win over Ferguson would put McGregor worthy of a rematch with Khabib in the eyes of the fans and the eyes of Khabib himself.

McGregor would get the chance to prove he is really a gangster and a lot of his haters would be shut up if he were to win. Ferguson would get the fight he called for three years ago. He would also be gifted the “Red Panty Night” that every fighter gets from facing McGregor. A win puts him as the number one contender to face Khabib for the belt, a fight that has already been scheduled five times.

This fight would also be in the best interest for Dana White. It would be a main event and drag in a lot of Pay-Per-View buys. And no matter who wins there is going to be a rivalry with the champ, Khabib. So, Dana will be able to give Khabib-Conor a run for its money in terms of PPV. The amount of fight purchases will be at a record high.

The only downside of the fight is that it over looks a Fan Favorite Dustin Poirier. Dustin just had a war with Dan Hooker in which he won, and nobody seems to dislike him or his fights. Overall, the pros outweigh the cons and this is the fight to make.

Image: EssentiallySports