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Author: Edward Calkins

Evaluating NFL Pretenders vs. Contenders After Week 10

Reading Time: 6 minutesAfter 10 long, exciting weeks through the 2020 NFL season, it is time to take a serious look at which teams can make a surprise push for Lombardi trophy and which teams are overhyped. PRETENDERS 1. Ravens The Ravens are one of the most talented teams in the NFL, no question about it. But, time and time again, Lamar proves he can’t buckle up and win primetime games. It is fair to say it is not Lamar’s fault for the Ravens’ struggles. The Ravens have been affected by injuries and COVID-19 issues. But an elite, MVP...

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10 BIG Things No One is Talking About Through 5 Weeks of the NFL Season

Reading Time: 5 minutesIt would be an understatement to say that the 2020 NFL season is normal. From no offseason to devastating injuries to “Tuesday Night Football”, the NFL season is just getting started. Here are 10 things you may have missed during a chaotic first month of the NFL: 1. The NFL is dominating the sports world (again). The NFL took a lot of criticism over the offseason for not addressing racial injustice problems. They also had to find a way to deal with he COVID-19 pandemic and no fans. With no offseason and preseason they was sure...

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The Next Sports City of Champions

Reading Time: 2 minutesEvery so often one city gets a couple of their sports teams to peak at the same time. It can be exciting to watch as a city…just ask Boston fans. Boston was clearly the city of champions over that last five or so year. The Patriots and Red Sox both won a title(s), while the Bruins and Celtics managed to make the playoffs. But one city is emerging as the new “City of Champions”: Philadelphia. The Eagles have been consistently good for the past couple of years now, and their coaching staff has settled in a...

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Previewing the Premier Lacrosse League’s Return

Reading Time: 2 minutesThe Primer Lacrosse League (PLL)  is one of many lacrosse leagues that have dreams about being in the same “league” as the NFL or NBA. Founded last summer, the PLL had a 14 week schedule, featuring 7 teams. The 7 teams traveled (“tour style”) to 12 cities along the way. The co- founder, Paul Rabil, also plays in the league. With the current situation of the world, the PLL has decided to play a summer tournament, instead of a season. This is surprising considering some teams have gotten new head coaches and are not playing a...

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Which Korean Baseball Team Should YOU Root for?

Reading Time: 3 minutes 10 teams. 144-game schedule. The team with the best regular season record gets a bye all the way to the championship. BASEBALL IS BACK!!! The Korean Baseball Organization (KBO) League kicked off this week, and is the first live sports since March. With no fans, mandatory mask wearing, and six national televised games each week, you may be wondering… Which team should I root for?    Kiwoom Heroes (3-1) MLB Team Comparison: Yankees After losing the league’s top RBI leader, the Heroes need a hero to step up. Luckily they have slugger, Byung-Ho Park. After...

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