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The Primer Lacrosse League (PLL)  is one of many lacrosse leagues that have dreams about being in the same “league” as the NFL or NBA.

Founded last summer, the PLL had a 14 week schedule, featuring 7 teams. The 7 teams traveled (“tour style”) to 12 cities along the way. The co- founder, Paul Rabil, also plays in the league.

With the current situation of the world, the PLL has decided to play a summer tournament, instead of a season. This is surprising considering some teams have gotten new head coaches and are not playing a full season.

The tournament starts July 25th and ends 20 games later on August 9th. Select games will be aired on NBC. 

Archers LC:

Players to Watch: Will Manny, Marcous Holmen, Tom Schreiber 

The Archers LC have the best mid-fielder in the league. All they need to do is fix up their defense and they can make a title run.

Atlas LC: 

Players to Watch: Trever Babtist, Paul Rabil, Rob Pannel, Kyle Hartzell

With a new coach, there are still a lot of questions to be answered. However, it’s clear to all, the Atlas is stacked with a lot of veteran talent, which hopefully can be equivalent to wins. 

Chaos LC: 
Players to Watch: Deemer Class, Thomas Kelly, Conner Fields, Jeremy Thompson

The Chaos were an average team last year. They have the best defense in the league, but they need more production up front, to help their defense.

Chrome LC: 

Players to Watch: Conner Farrel, Justin Guterding, Jordan Wolf  

The Chrome LC is a very entertaining team to watch. They hope to get more success after an average finish last year. One thing is for sure though: The Chrome’s logo is the best logo in the league.

Redwoods LC: 

Players to Watch: Kyle Harrision, Myles Jones 

After a heartbreaking 12-11 OT loss in the championship, the Redwoods are in great shape to make another title run this year. 

Waterdogs LC:

Players to Watch: Ryan Dreener, Conner Kelly, Drew Snider

The new expansion team still has a lot of questions to answer. The Waterdogs selected many great players through the expansion draft, including Connor Kelly. It is still unknown how good the Waterdogs will be, but they may be the surprise of the tournament.

Whipsnakes LC: 

Players to Watch: Matt Rambo (last year’s MVP)

Most people (including me) don’t think they will go back-to-back. Because of the expansion draft for the new Waterdogs LC, the Whipsnakes lost many of their key players.

Photo: Sports Illustrated/ Lacrosse All-Stars


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