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Author: Cameron McHugh

Toni Kukoc: The Overlooked X-Factor

Reading Time: 2 minutesMany younger basketball fans were introduced to the name Toni Kukoc after watching The Last Dance, but few know the true impact he had in the Bulls’ second three-peat. Whether intentional or not, the omission of Kukoc in the lore of the Bulls’ dynasty has greatly impacted the way he is viewed historically, as well as the way we view the Jordan-led Bulls. While the “Big 3” of MJ, Rodman and Scottie Pippen had rightfully cemented their places as some of the greatest players in the history of the sport, the Bulls still needed a consistent 3rd...

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We May Just Have the Greatest Month in Sports History

Reading Time: < 1 minuteAs the Coronavirus pandemic has raged on across the world, almost all sports have announced the suspension or cancelation of many high-profile events.  While the world mourns and searches for answers, it is better to look to the future and the eventual light at the end of the tunnel. That light very well may be the month of November. Augusta National Golf Club, home of golf’s greatest major, has already announced that the 2020 Masters Tournament will be moved to the weekend of November 12-15. Major League Baseball has also internally discussed the possibility of...

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Why Maryland Will Never Win with Mark Turgeon

Reading Time: 2 minutesEver since his hiring in 2011, Mark Turgeon’s Terps have been consistently above-average compared to other Power-5 programs. However, in his 9 seasons at Maryland, he has only led the Terrapins to the NCAA Tournament 5 times. Maryland has also only been to the Sweet 16 once under Turgeon, even with very strong rosters almost every season.  As long as Turgeon remains at the helm for Maryland Basketball, the Terps will never have success when it matters.  Turgeon has been able to retain his job for so long due to his ability to recruit big name high school prospects. Players...

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