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Recently, the full schedule for the Michigan Wolverines 2020-21 football season dropped and needless to say there were A LOT of changes. Let’s take a look at some of the important changes and big games on the schedule, assuming we even have a season (still very much up in the air at this point in time).

The order of the original schedule was completely switched and the games are in a different configuration this time around:

Michigan will start their year with a home game vs Purdue instead of Wisconsin which was on the original schedule. Let’s see here, as a first year starting QB with no experience who would you rather play, Wisconsin or Purdue? Answer is easy: Purdue. Opening the year against a solid team rather than the best team in the B10 west is preferable mainly because it can be approached as a tune-up/warm-up game. Now don’t get it twisted, Purdue is good and won’t be a pushover but a much easier matchup than the Badgers.

Another significant change is the addition of Northwestern to the schedule. Michigan will travel to Chicago to play the Wildcats in the final game of the year.

Two other changes have to do with venue, Michigan State is now a home game and Indiana is now an away game.

By far the biggest alteration to the schedule is the date of the Ohio State game. For as long as anyone can remember, Michigan and Ohio State have played on the final weekend of college football.

This year that won’t be the case.

The game has been moved to October 24th which is the Wolverines seventh game of the year. The Big Ten decided to move it up in case the season doesn’t finish all the way which is understandable but as a Michigan fan and someone who’s been apart of that rivalry for my whole life, its gonna be really weird to have that game anywhere but the final weekend.

Michigan was ranked as having the 8th most difficult schedule in the big ten so overall its not too bad. Especially considering key players like Minnesota’s Rashod Bateman and Penn State’s Micah Parsons have begun to opt out of the season. Michigan has the potential to go 9-1 with this schedule but realistically, knowing the Wolverines, they will come up short at least once so my prediction is 8-2 possibly 7-3.

Image: Athlon Sports