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The Seattle Seahawks have been known for hauling in some of the best draft classes in recent memory. This, obviously, has to do mainly with John Schneider, the General Manager of the Seattle Seahawks.

Schneider first took over back in 2010, when the Seahawks desperately needed a philosophy change in order to win it all. The hiring of Pete Carroll and John Schneider certainly brought that a new edge to the franchise

Schneider immediately selected some talented players, such as Earl Thomas, Russell Okung, Kam Chancellor, Richard Sherman, KJ Wright, Doug Baldwin, Bobby Wagner and Russell Wilson. But the Seahawks have had quite the dry spell in recent years in terms of drafting.

Only three players the Seahawks drafted after 2012, that are still on the team, have made Pro Bowls. Two of which made it in as special teamers, and Shaquill Griffin being the other, who was originally an alternate. This goes to show how the drafting hasn’t been at the level as it once was for the Hawks’.

A lot of these issues start with Schneider’s questionable decisions on draft day. Year in and year out, Seahawks faithful have started to predict who the Seahawks would no way in any shape or form select for the draft, because they know that’s who the Seahawks will eventually take.

Whether it was Rashaad Penny in 2018, Jordyn Brooks this year in 2020, or even Bruce Irvin in 2012. The Seahawks have had a common theme early in their draft, which is to against what the consensus for that pick is.

Now, I must give credit where it’s due, and the Seahawks have made it work before. They have selected a series of players, as mentioned above, that have panned out and became exceptional players in the NFL. 

Schneider hasn’t had the best luck when it comes to trading for superstars, either. He hasn’t been afraid of making a blockbuster move, but the big trades haven’t really gone in Schneider’s favor. Trading a 1st for Percy Harvin certainly didn’t work. Trading their starting center plus a first for Jimmy Graham, a player who wasn’t as productive as expected, and then trading a 3rd along with Jacob Martin for Jadeveon Clowney, who remains unsigned and without a team. He recently gave up the farm for Jamal Adams as well, a controversial decision but only time can tell whether this was a good trade.

Schneider has succeeded in more of the “subtle” trades he’s made. Back in 2010 with Marshawn Lynch where he gave up a 4th round pick, and more recently Quandre Diggs, where he gave up a 5th rounder. 

It’s clear that John Schneider is an excellent GM in the NFL, and many teams would do a lot to try to get him to run their team. I am not gonna spend time justifying each and every selection that the Seahawks have made in the first round, because some of them are simply unjustifiable.

Many have questioned Schneider’s recent moves, and rightfully so. Perhaps he has simply been unlucky with recent draft choices. But fans have to realize that he is a GM at the highest level in the NFL. He has years of experience and has information regarding players that no experts like Mel Kiper Jr or Daniel Jeremiah have.

Just because he isn’t making the moves the fans want, doesn’t mean he’s making the wrong decision. Seahawks fans will have to be patient, because John Schneider will draft the next Bobby Wagner, Russell Wilson, Richard Sherman or Kam Chancellor, sooner rather than later.

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