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As a high school student living in Charlotte, North Carolina, the decision of what college to attend often runs in my mind. I’ve thought of many different schools, but a certain school stands at the top of that list for me: Appalachian State University, a beautiful campus located in Boone, North Carolina. But today, something regarding the school made me sit in shock: The cuts of Men’s Soccer, Indoor Track & Field, and Men’s Tennis. 

The fact that so many kids and students are going to App State to live their dream of playing college athletics, and for a pandemic to arise that no one saw causing this much turmoil, to prevent that from happening. 

It’s heartbreaking.

These cuts had to happen, the college just can’t afford them, as our country is dealing with something we’ve never seen, looking at it from an economic or financial standpoint. 

App State isn’t the only college that is cutting programs regarding the athletic field. Down below are some of the colleges and the sport they are cutting: 

Akron cross country & golf

Bowling Green baseball

Central Michigan track

Cincinnati soccer

East Carolina tennis & swimming

FIU indoor track

ODU wrestling

We are going to see more colleges in the future make cuts, and it’s going to be heartbreaking for the college, the athlete, and the fan. As a kid who’s going to college next year, I dreamed about announcing games at App State, growing a love for all the athletic teams on campus, and now, that dream may not be a reality. 

So, if you are an athlete affected by these cuts, a fan of these sports, anything along those lines, I send my dearest apologies. But just know one thing:

We are going to get through this. Together. 

Photo Credit: Appalachian State University