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The NBA has seen some crazy things that have resulted in fans developing theories and conspiracies such as the “cold envelope” in the 1985 draft and the 2002 Western Conference Finals.

But the two craziest are probably Michael Jordan’s “retirement” to play baseball and If Wilt Chamberlain’s 100 point game actually happened.

Did Wilt Actually Score 100 points?

You may read the subtitle and call me crazy but I swear I have evidence. To start, there was no video footage of the game (keep in mind that there were a lot of things on video in the 60s).

Also, the only radio broadcast that exists is while he scored his 100th point. The only real piece of evidence that exists is Wilt himself holding a piece of paper with the number 100 marked on it.

Not to mention, scoring 100 points against the best basketball players in the world just seems unlikely.

Why would the NBA make this up? The NBA was nowhere near as popular as it is now back in the 60s, and it would make sense that they made this up to gain popularity.

Was Michael Jordan’s First “Retirement” A Secret Suspension?

Michael Jordan was at the height of his popularity when he decided to “retire” out of the blue in 1993. It shocked fans all over the world.

Everyone was asking why Michael Jordan would retire. He was young as he was just 30 years old and he wasn’t battling any injuries. It made no sense to anyone… that is until at Jordan’s retirement press conference a reporter asked him if, and when, he would come back.

Jordan responded with “If David Stern lets me back in the league, I may come back.” It also looked weird that Jordan suddenly retired after the NBA launched an investigation into his gambling addiction.

Why would the NBA choose to secretly suspend their most popular player? Well, Jordan had a bad gambling addiction, and it is rumored that his dad was killed roadside because he had refused to pay back a gambling debt.

It looked bad on the NBA. So the NBA basically said ‘we’ll cover for you if you get your stuff in check’ and Jordan did.

Photo Credit: New York Post