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In the heart of Central Florida lies a 30,000-acre tourist marvel in the Walt Disney World Resort. This mega-complex is home to four theme parks and an area dedicated to athletics.

This area is known as the ESPN Wide World of Sports. The WWOS would be where the NBA would hold the remainder of the season if it’s on Disney’s campus.

Here’s why the NBA should resume in this location:

1. The NBA and Disney are already partners so there wouldn’t be a broadcasting issue.

Disney already owns ABC and ESPN which is where NBA games are normally televised. These two organizations have worked closely in the past so teaming up would not be difficult.

The Walt Disney World Resort also recently opened up the NBA Experience over at Disney Springs last August, so not only have these organizations worked closely numerous times but also very recently.

2. ESPN WWOS has the capacity to make this work.

The Wide World of Sports has three large indoor venues that total over 186,000 square feet of space. Most notably out of these three is the arena at the WWOS which opened about two years ago.

This space can hold up to four different basketball games at a time and would be a perfect place to play.

The other two venues include the HP Field House which has held numerous NCAA basketball tournaments in the past and is already set up to broadcast games on an international level.

The last space is the VISA Athletic Center where AAU basketball tournaments are held every year and are also able to play multiple games at once while being broadcast ready.

3. There are numerous hotels and accommodations for the players and teams to remain separated.

The Walt Disney World Resort is home to over 30 different hotels, most of which have over 500 rooms. That is more than enough for all of the players, coaches, and staff to remain isolated.

These hotels would provide meals and amenities for the players while keeping teams separate from each other.

NBA fans, if you want to see players back in action this summer, you should hope that the NBA deeply considers playing at Disney World.

Photo Credit: Attractions Magazine