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The PAC-12 and BIG 10 are already likely to cancel their CFB seasons, and the AAC is still on the fence about what to do.

College student-athlete football players have been given the option to opt-out of the upcoming season, which a few top prospects have done so far.

One notable player however – Trevor Lawrence –  has decided not to opt out of the season and was decision that was questioned by others.

If we look at this without considering the implications of the players and those around his safety you can see why initially it may not make sense for Lawrence to go back.

He’s already regarded as the top prospect in the 2021 NFL Draft with many touting him as the best QB prospect since Andrew Luck and John Elway.

Scouts say that he has the perfect blend of potential and polish making him a once in a generation prospect.

After watching his tape again, I can assure you that he does have all the potential that has made him so highly-regarded of a prospect

In terms of polish the Clemson standout Quarterback is nowhere near where people say he is.

Digging below the surface of Lawrence’s accomplishments, many would favor Mr 1.1, Joe Burrow over the Clemson QB

Lawrence has the arm strength and accuracy to make almost any throw and he also has surprisingly mobility which not only helps him extend plays but also making him a rushing threat.

Just based on that his ceiling his incredibly high but when you look a bit closer into it, Lawrence is inconsistent at times and has a couple of glaring weaknesses.

His biggest weakness by far is his tendency to not look off of his first read. He believes that he can make any throw which is why he tends to stare down his first option making it easier for defenses to read where he’s throwing the ball.

He will often try to fit in a bad throw into tight windows to his first option while he may make that throw occasionally he’s leaving others open more often.

Another thing he tends to do is try to escape the pocket at the first sign of pressure.

For a quarterback as great as Lawrence, throwing in the pocket his mobility is amazing but sometimes he tends to use it more than he needs to.

Often times instead of sitting in the pocket and waiting he’ll try to escape immediately,

In the National Championship versus LSU, there were two instances in which LSU brought creeper blitzes in which they faked pressure by bringing pressure from the slot.

In the play they dropped two pass rushers into coverage however, so they only ended up rushing four players in the end. Both times Lawrence fell for the blitz and bailed on a clean pocket.

He ended up throwing an incompletion on one play and walking right into a sack on another play.

Another problem that Lawrence has is that at times he fails to process the coverage properly and doesn’t always recognize where the safety is going.

This doesn’t happen that often but it’s obvious and he has missed a few easy plays because of this.

The last problem I have with Lawrence is that in the short passing game he’s not as good as you would hope for in a starting quarterback.

His anticipation of when guys will get open on these plays isn’t quite where it needs to be at for a guy who’s supposed to be as great as Luck or Elway coming out of college.

With all that being said however, Lawrence is still an amazing prospect. He has all the potential in the world with his amazing arm and mobility. 

He’s not the amazing prospect without weaknesses that some media members are hyping him up to be but he’s still a great prospect.

Lawrence could certainly benefit from a College Football season to sharpen and refine his skills.

Photo: AP Photo / Karl B DeBlaker