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The Tennessee Titans are sticking with the man that led them to their first AFC championship game since 1999, as they inked Ryan Tannehill to a four year, $118 million dollar deal.

Let’s look back at the incredible timeline that led up to this signing, before we get into the analysis:

After injury filled years in Miami, Tannehill was traded to the Titans in return for a fourth and seventh round pick. Few had major expectations for him, and no one would have expected him to be getting paid almost $30 million a year the next season.

Tannehill took over for the Titans in Week 6 after a shaky start to the season from quarterback Marcus Mariota. He made his first start in Week 7 where he was exceptional with 320 passing yards, two touchdowns and a win.

From that point forward, he would led the Titans to two playoff victories against the best teams in the AFC, while falling just one game short of the Super Bowl.

Tannehill also won Comeback Player of the Year in a very deserving matter. Despite all of this, some thought that the team should move on from him.

As free agency got closer, rumors swirled about Tom Brady possibly signing with the Titans. Today, those rumors came to a halt, as the Titans stuck with their guy, and gave him the bag.

With all this said, this move was clearly in the best interest of the Titans for the future, considering how much he proved himself this past season, and the regression of Brady.

Brady was unable to beat Tannehill in their Wild Card duel. Who knows how many years Brady has left? Would he have been the same quarterback without Bill Belichick?

Ultimately, the Titans now have their franchise quarterback for at least the next four years. They have the pieces in place to compete in the AFC for years to come, and now they will to shift their attention towards re-signing key pieces like Derrick Henry.

This moment will prove to be a huge confidence boost for Ryan Tannehill, as he looks to be playing the best football in the duration of this new deal.