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53 home runs (rookie record), 120 RBI’s, a Home Run Derby champion, and only one season in the big leagues. Who knew someone could achieve these stats in their first season? No one, except for Pete Alonso.

Based off his early success, there’s an even bigger feat that Pete may have in his future: The career Home Run record.

If Pete Alonso were to hit 53 or more home runs per season, it would take him around a total of 15 seasons to break the record, that is currently held by Barry Bonds.

Pete Alonso averages a home run every 13.07 plate appearances, whereas Barry Bonds averaged a home run every 16.54 plate appearances. So right here is a trajectory of possibly the so-called future record holder, and the current record holder.

So if we are trying to answer the question of whether it’s possible that Pete Alonso can break the record, well, the answer could very well be yes.

Of course all these details are based on simply projection and on mathematical statistics, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. And of course, these stats do not talk about how he could just as easily get injured in his second season — just like how Aaron Judge did — and only end up appearing 112 games and only hitting 27 Home Runs.

Pete still has plenty of time to further his skillset and show the world what he can do. Time will tell whether or not he accomplishes this epic feat, but one things for certain: It’s going to be interesting to watch what happens with this young man’s career.

But no matter what happens with this record, it seems like he will surely go down as one of the modern-era’s best power hitters.

 Photo: New York Post