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Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown have officially arrived. The two third overall picks in their respective drafts have now solidified themselves as the next dynamic duo in the East, and it’s really showing off well so far this season. 

The first reason why they’ve broken out is because both of these guys have improved every single season they have been in the league. In his rookie season Jaylen Brown averaged 6.6 points per game while shooting the ball at 45.4 FG%, but so far in this young season he is averaging 27.1 points per game on 53.1 FG%, both higher marks than beforehand. It’s very rare you see a guy take this efficient leap this quickly into his career. Jayson Tatum has done very much of the same too; he has nearly doubled his points per game from 13.9 to 26.8. Both of these guys are still not even into their mid 20’s yet, so it’s not hard to imagine the progress they can both make. 

Another factor contributing to this is that they’ve already proven their team and they are proving to everyone else that they can lead the Celtics. Most young and up and coming players take a backseat their first couple seasons, but by the way this team is already constructed, Brown and Tatum have been forced to take the reins and have done so nicely. These two have shown great poise and leadership so far, and have proven that they too have the mentality to win.

These two are definitely the next big threat to the East, but fans need to hope that Danny Ainge is able to put a winning team around them so they doesn’t go to waste because the future has finally arrived in Boston. 

Photo credit: Kim Klement / USA TODAY Sports