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With the NFL draft rapidly approaching, talk about what the Carolina Panthers should do at #8 is increasing. Just last month it seemed the Panthers were going to be drafting a QB, but after a blockbuster trade with the New York Jets to get QB Sam Darnold the Panthers now have one less thing to worry about. Last year the Panthers used all seven of their draft picks on defensive players, which marked the first time that was done in NFL history. With that being said, the team focusing on the offense this year seems like the route that’s going to be taken. 

The Panthers do have some holes to fill on their offense after losing RB Mike Davis and WR Curtis Samuel in free agency, but the core of the offense is still very strong. RB Christian McCaffrey, WRs Robby Anderson and DJ Moore are still all under contract. Head coach Matt Rhule indicated the Panthers will be drafting the best player available at 8 (assuming they don’t trade down). The offensive line could definitely use some help and Oregon’s Penei Sewell would be perfect if he’s available at eight. With the rising need of QB’s around the league, the Panthers are hoping all four of the major QB’s go before eight. The Bengals, the Eagles and the Lions are all in desperate need of a WR. Plus, there are three WRs at the top of many draft boards, so it is very possible for all three teams to take a receiver. If this happens, the Panthers have two pretty good options; they can take TE Kyle Pitts from Florida or OT Penei Sewell from Oregon. If neither are available then the next option is North Western’s Rashawn Slater or a different WR to replace Curtis Samuel. 

No matter what the Panthers decide to do at eight, it doesn’t seem like they can go wrong if they take a position of need whether that is an offensive lineman, a tight end/receiver, or even a defensive back. With how deep the draft class is this year, the Panthers can definitely fill at least one of those needs in the draft.

Photo credit: Troy Wayrynen / USA Today Sports