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The Ravens, 49ers, Patriots, Saints, and Seahawks are all tied with a league-best 10-2 record. This raises the question, who is the league’s best team?

Let’s start with the Seahawks. Their major pro is Russell Wilson. Likely to finish second in MVP voting, Russell is the reason this team hasn’t had to rebuild. Another thing the Seahawks can add too there resume is their win over the 49ers.

The only thing looking down on Seattle is the question of how much of a true “team” are they? Certain games might lead you to think that Russell carries the squad, however, wide receivers D.K. Metcalf, Tyler Lockett and David Moore, as well as defensive end Jadeveon Clowney have stepped into big roles for this team.

Overall, I don’t think the Seahawks are the best 10-2 team; due to having an overall weaker team than the other 4.

What about the Saints? I have a hard time with them too. Kamara has had an unproductive year, which had led to Michael Thomas cementing himself as the league’s best receiver.

They do have a very balanced and experienced team, however, I think the lack of style points makes them slightly weaker than the 49ers, Ravens, and Patriots (i.e they’ve almost lost to teams they shouldn’t have, where the other teams are getting blowout wins).

The Patriots are obviously a great choice. Belichick and Brady are ingredients to any winning team. Their historically dominant defense and special teams are enough to keep any coach up at night.

While I’m a huge Brady fan, I question him this season. Since week 2 his stats have been on par with Mitchell Trubisky, who fans wanted to see benched.

Many could argue that the Patriots need more help at the WR position, but their core is just as good – or better – than last season’s; so I have a hard time saying that is the problem.

Big losses to the Ravens and Texans are the reason they aren’t the leagues best.

The 49ers make a good case. With a No. 1 ranked defense, Jimmy G, George Kittle, Emanuel Sanders and the super effective run by committee; their offense is blowing teams out left and right.

Heartbreaking losses to the Seahawks and Ravens prove the 49ers can hang with the best, however they still aren’t the leagues toughest.

To me, it’s clearly the Ravens. A great defense, and the best player in football in Lamar Jackson are taking this team to high levels.

Big wins over the Patriots and 49ers are the reason the Ravens are the scariest team to play. The only question I have is: what if Lamar Jackson cools off?

Hopefully, it won’t happen, but this offense would be much more one dimensional if it were to happen.

The Ravens  are the favorites for a good reason right now, and probably will be for a while.