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The Cowboys have placed their franchise tag on QB Dak Prescott and resigned WR Amari Cooper to a huge 5 year deal, after months of speculation.

The franchise tag placed on Dak made way too much sense.

However, since Dak was already asking for near record setting numbers, there was no point in not waiting the extra year. Plus this puts Dak in a “prove your worth” position, where the amount the Cowboys will offer him should vary directly with how well he performs this season.

Hypothetically speaking, let’s say that Dak doesn’t perform up to the standard the Cowboys want him to, and they choose to move on from him, instead of paying the big money he desires.

Their options in free agency are truly not ideal.

Patrick Mahomes is staying put, and Deshaun Watson should stay in Houston, as long as things don’t completely fall apart now that Hopkins is gone.

The only guys that could potentially have a chance would be Mitchell Trubisky, Jacoby Brissett, or maybe Cam Newton depending on how his situation turns out.

This would force Dallas to look through the Draft, and for alternate trade options, as Jerry will look for his new franchise guy.

Now let’s say Dak has a career season, and wishes to remain in Dallas.

His best option would probably be to wait until Mahomes and Watson get paid, and then ask for similar numbers as they should both receive massive contracts.

In terms of Amari Cooper, the idea was right, but the price was wrong.

Amari said he wanted to be a Cowboy for life, and with money like that, it appears the Cowboys want him to stay as well.

The difference he made to the team upon joining them in 2018 was obvious, but I’m just not sure it was 100 million dollars obvious.

He also had some inconsistencies this past season, specifically with his hands.

If he cleans that up, and continues to work hard, it should be a very good thing that he’s in Dallas for another 5 seasons.

Photo: Inside the Star