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If I could ask one question to the college football ranking committee it would easily be

What more does BYU have to do?

They’ve done the absolute best they could with their scheduling circumstances battering the teams they have played.

Out of all BCS teams BYU has the best point differential by far at an astounding 33.7 and they’re second in yard margin. Those numbers are astronomical and when a team like BYU has bad competition scheduled that’s what they have to do. It’s the only thing they can do.

In their only game against a team that was ranked at the timing they played a Number 23 ranked Boise State and they absolutely shellacked them 51-17.

Another issue that was brought up was that BYU didn’t want to schedule Washington but when you look closer into it, there was absolutely no reason for BYU to schedule Washington.

BYU would have to had to change their testing schedule in terms of COVID, for a game that would net them no money because it had to be broadcast by a PAC-12 television partner, and the game could’ve been cancelled at any time had Washington found a PAC-12 partner.

BYU is getting the short end of the stick here and refusing to be manipulated by the PAC-12 shouldn’t end up in them being punished. They also scheduled another solid team, Coastal Carolina, a team currently ranked higher than Washington, on much better terms.

BYU has been absolutely perfect so far with regards to how they’ve played against the competition they’ve been dealt. There is absolutely no way BYU should be below 2 loss teams like Oklahoma and Georgia.

If a team like BYU can do everything perfect and still not earn a Top 10 ranking what’s the point for teams like BYU to even play games.

If the college football committee doesn’t start respecting these smaller schools or atleast expand the CFB Playoff, soon enough these schools might just stop caring and the BYU’s and UCF’s of the world might not exist.

Photo Credit: SB Nation