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It’s the end of the 2018-2019 season. The Patriots have just won the Super Bowl. The Eagles have won a playoff game, led by QB Nick Foles (and with a little help from Cody Parkey). There’s a debate. Should the Eagles stick with Carson Wentz (who almost won MVP in 2017), but got hurt before the playoffs, or choose Nick Foles (who took over for Wentz and then led the Eagles to their first Super Bowl win)?

Now, the Eagles stuck with Wentz, who was just benched for rookie, Jalen Hurts. But what if they go the other way? What if they take the playoff hero? What if the Eagles stay with Nick Foles?

Let’s start with the 2019 NFL draft. The draft stays the same, except for one pick. The Eagles select Gardner Minshew instead of Shareef Miller, giving the Eagles a young QB behind Foles (Miller goes to Jacksonville). After a 2-6 start to the season, Foles is benched for Minshew. Minshew goes 5-3 as a starter, cementing him as the starter for next season.

Meanwhile, Wentz gets a big money offer from Jacksonville, who he leads to a 10-6 record. With that..

A) Leonard Fournette is not injured and produces on offense.

B) The defense plays well.

C) Wentz goes to the playoffs, where he faces off against Josh Allen’s Bills in the first round. He wins.

Tennessee misses the playoffs, and New England beats Houston in the playoffs. However, the Jaguars lose in the second round to Kansas City. In the Super Bowl, the Chiefs beat the Packers.

In the offseason, the Eagles trade Nick Foles to the New York Giants. Tom Brady passes over the Bucs, as he wants some extra competition. The new most competitive division is the AFC South, so he heads to Indianapolis. In the 2020 NFL Draft, Philadelphia takes Jerry Jeudy with the 12th pick. Jacksonville takes Justin Jefferson with their first. The Chargers move up a pick and get Tua, while Miami “settles” for Justin Herbert.

All in All:

Wentz is a Jaguar.

Foles is a Giant.

Minshew is an Eagle.

Herbert is a Dolphin.

Brady is a Colt.

I wonder what would happen in a season with this.

Photo: Brett Carlsen/Getty Images