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Here is a preview and predictions for EACH and EVERY NFL game in Week 14!


Ravens @ Bills (BAL -6.0)

My Pick: Ravens

VS Spread: Ravens

The Bills have established themselves as a great defense this season. Going in 9-3, the Bills look like contenders. However, I don’t think they are all that. They’ll meet their match this week vs the surging Baltimore Ravens, led by Lamar Jackson and co. The Ravens are coming in red hot, with a historic offense and great defense. The Ravens are coming off wins vs the Patriots, Texans, Rams, and a recent victory vs the now 10-2 San Francisco 49ers. I think Josh Allen will have a solid afternoon, but will throw an interception to on of the Ravens’ star CB duo of Marcus Peters and Marlon Humphrey. I expect Lamar Jackson to have a great game. I’m looking at 3 touchdowns, 200 passing yards and 75 rushing yards. Make sure to start Ravens star tight end Mark Andrews this week in fantasy as well.

Panthers @ Falcons (ATL -3.5)

My pick: Falcons

VS Spread: Falcons

Julio Jones returns today. What else do I need to say? The Falcons struggled without their superstar WR. With him, I expect a victory by a touchdown, covering the spread. The Panthers defense, however, has impressed me as of late. I don’t expect a very high-scoring game. Though, look for Christian McCaffrey to have another stellar performance, while the rest of his offense struggles. Julio and McCaffrey each have a pair of touchdowns, and Calvin Ridley catches the game decider. Younghoe Koo won’t miss a field goal or EP this week, helping to propel Atlanta to another victory.

Bengals @ Browns (CLE -7.0)

My pick: Browns

VS Spread: Browns

To be quite honest, this is not a game to watch. It’ll be a very similar result as the Browns-Dolphins matchup. Jarvis and Odell have another great game, each catching touchdown passes. Nick Chubb runs in a pair of touchdowns himself, and the Browns should blow out the joke that is the Bengals. Andy Dalton will probably struggle vs the Browns’ secondary, but Joe Mixon will have a respectable performance, with a touchdown and 100 rushing yards. The Browns won’t struggle to cover the spread. Make sure to start Odell Beckham, Jarvis Landry and Nick Chubb in fantasy this week.

Redskins @ Packers (GB -12.5)

My pick: Packers

VS Spread: Redskins

Ah, the game that could be the downfall of the scenario everyone is dreaming about. The NFC East is a completely awful division this year, where the division leader is a lowly 6-7 Dallas Cowboys team. The Redskins, 3-9, could win out and take the division, and a first round home playoff matchup vs the 49ers. Everyone and their mother would love this to happen because, outside of their fans, nobody can stand the Cowboys or Eagles. Unfortunately for the fans, this is a very unlikely event. The Redskins have to deal with the 9-3 Green Bay Packers this week. The Packers, a Super Bowl contender, are coming off a cakewalk win vs the Giants and Daniel Jones. The energized and fresh Packers come in hot this week. However, the Redskins are playing for their season. They’ll play with more heart and passion vs the Packers this week. That alone will keep them in the game, but a touchdown pass to Davante Adams will seal the deal. Unfortunately for the ‘Skins, winning vs the spread doesn’t count towards their record.

Lions @ Vikings (MIN -13.0)

My pick: Vikings

VS Spread: Vikings

What are you doing, Detroit? You blew a Thanksgiving Day lead to the Bears. The BEARS. That loss summed up the Lions’ season thus far, as they are probably worse than the Dolphins without Matthew Stafford. Matt Patricia is the worst coach in the NFL. If not, bottom 3. He’s disappointed me pretty much every week so far. They’re going against a 8-4 Vikings team who are way better than their record may suggest. This game will not even be close. Stefon Diggs will have a pair of touchdowns, while Kirk Cousins has another performance that’ll keep him in the MVP race (no, he’s not gonna win it. but he’s technically in the race.) The Vikings will easily handle this Lions squad and cover the spread in doing so.

Dolphins @ Jets (NYJ -5.0)

My pick: Dolphins

VS Spread: Dolphins

This game matters, but not for the playoffs. It matters for the NFL Draft. The Dolphins, coming off a crazy, yet shocking home victory vs the disappointment that is the Eagles. Ryan Fitzpatrick is hard not to love, he’s always an underdog and many times comes out victorious. I personally, like many other fans, are on the Devante Parker hype train. He’s been tearing it up the past few weeks, solidifying himself as a top 15-20 Wide Receiver. Look for him to add a touchdown or two to his current season total of 6. Ryan Fitzpatrick, Devante Parker, and co have likely caught a break and the Jets’ superstar safety Jamal Adams, and RB Le’Veon Bell are likely to miss the game with injury; Adams having his first missed game since 2017. If the Dolphins win, which I think they will, they’ll also cover the spread. Make sure to start Devante Parker this week in fantasy football.

Colts @ Buccaneers (TB -3.0)

My pick: Buccaneers

VS Spread: Colts

This game will be close. The Colts have had a rough season, star WR T.Y. Hilton battling injuries and star QB Andrew Luck retiring in the middle of his prime. The Colts won’t catch a break for the offense-but-no-defense Buccaneers. Mike Evans and Chris Godwin are a top 2 receiving duo in the NFL. Each will likely have a touchdown or two. The Bucs’ defense has been looking a little better, but it still is among the NFL’s worst. The Colts will be without T.Y. Hilton again, but look for Zach Pascal to have a pair of touchdowns and keep it close. In the end, I have the Bucs knocking them off via field goal.

Broncos @ Texans (HOU -8.5)

My pick: Texans

VS Spread: Broncos

Okay, Drew Lock, I see you! A nice debut game for the rookie quarterback last week vs the biggest disappointment in the NFL, the Chargers, was pretty good. Now his first real test comes in the form of the Texans. The Texans are coming off of a thrilling victory against the defense-but-no-offense New England Patriots. I expect Deshaun Watson and the Texans to struggle. This won’t be a very fun game to watch. It’ll be messy. DeAndre Hopkins will catch a touchdown pass and get the win late, but the Broncos will cover the spread behind another very solid performance by Drew Lock.

Chargers @ Jaguars (LAC -3.5)

My pick: Jaguars

VS Spread: Jaguars

Minshew Mania is back! Nick Foles got benched last week behind one of his worst games ever, and Gardner Minshew has been named this week’s starter. The Chargers, to put it lightly, aren’t good. They’ve been VERY disappointing. They are probably the most disappointing team, if not, then second behind the Browns. Meanwhile, I am a huge fan of DJ Chark and I also like Chris Conley. Look for 2-3 touchdowns out of that duo. What about the Chargers? I don’t think Philip Rivers will struggle as he has weeks past. I’m expecting for a pair of touchdowns from him, and the Chargers will make it a game. However, the Jags will prevail, beating the spread in the process.

Titans @ Raiders (TEN -3.0)

My pick: Titans

VS Spread: Titans

This game could be a key factor in that last AFC Wild Card position. These teams have had polar opposite seasons. The Raiders started off very hot and have struggled as of late. The Titans, however, struggled to start the year but have really heated up lately. I really respect Ryan Tannehill, and I like AJ Brown at receiver. The story of the Titans resurgence, however, has come in the form of running back Derrick Henry. Oh Henry! He’s been nothing short of PHENOMENAL as of late. I expect him to continue his dominance, with a 2-3 touchdown, 150 rushing yard performance in a Titan victory vs the Raiders. Derek Carr will have a solid, respectable performance, but the Titans’ offense will prove too much for Oakland.

Chiefs @ Patriots (NE -3.0)

My pick: Chiefs

VS Spread: Chiefs

The AFF Championship rematch. Mahomes vs Brady. Tyreek Hill vs Stephon Gilmore. Lots of storylines heading to Foxborough for this matchup. The Patriots, who have completely forgotten the term “offense,” have relied on their defense to carry them. Tom Brady is putting up similar numbers to MITCHELL TRUBISKY, a guy who everyone and their grandmother wanted benched until he actually had a few good games. I have Brady playing well this week. He’s playing a, shall I say, inconsistent Chiefs defense this week, and I think he’ll put up respectable numbers. The Patriots have 2 losses. Those 2 losses were against the 2 best offenses that they have faced this season thus far. The Chiefs have a better offense than the Texans, by far. I have Mahomes as the number 3 best quarterback in the NFL, trailing the two MVP candidates. Mahomes will go in looking to make a statement, and he will. He’ll connect with Tyreek Hill for a touchdown or two, and they’ll win by a touchdown against the struggling Patriots.

Steelers @ Cardinals (PIT -2.0) *UPSET OF THE WEEK*

My pick: Cardinals

VS Spread: Cardinals

The Steelers are another team fighting for their season. While I had my doubts, many people had them as contenders this season. Super Bowl Contenders. Now, they’re barely playoff contenders. They need a win here if they want a chance at that Wild Card spot, but they have yet to face Kyler Murray. And in this game, I see Kyler Murray will take down the Steelers’ defense. The Steelers have a really bad offense, but they have a solid defense; while the Cardinals have a nice offense but an atrocious defense. This game will be close, but I’ve got the Cardinals pulling it out.

Seahawks @ Rams (EVEN)

My pick: Seahawks

VS Spread: Seahawks

Sunday Night Football. Los Angeles. This game is gonna be a thriller. Russell Wilson will continue his season, and have another performance that reminds us why he’s second in the MVP race. I see him producing 3 touchdowns and 350 yards. He’ll have another monster game. Hopefully for fantasy owners, Tyler Lockett will recover from his goose egg last week. The Rams’ defense is worse than it should be. They’ve got multiple superstars such as Aaron Donald and Jalen Ramsey, but not enough to show for as I’d like. They’re fighting for a playoff spot, so they’ll be playing with a lot of heart. However, Jared Goff’s struggles will probably continue, and despite a nice game from Cooper Kupp, the Seahawks will prevail and also cover the even spread.

49ers @ Saints (NO -2.0) *GAME OF THE WEEK*

My pick: Saints

VS Spread: Saints

10-2 vs 10-2. Two of the powerhouses of the NFC. This game will be a classic. Drew Brees has had another solid season, and while superstar running back Alvin Kamara has had an up-and-down season, Michael Thomas has solidified himself as the best wide receiver in the NFL. The 49ers, however, have been the NFL’s surprise of the season. With mediocre expectations at best, they’ve emerged as a top 5 team. While the offense could use some work, they have arguably the best defense in the NFL. Take that back, they’re better than the Patriots. While coming off a heartbreaking loss to the now 10-2 Ravens, the 49ers defense slowed down the best team in the NFL. But, their rush defense is a lot better than the pass defense, and the Saints may be the 49ers’ kryptonite. I expect 2-3 touchdowns and 200 yards for Michael Thomas in a thrilling New Orleans Saints victory.


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