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When Receivers such as Michael Thomas and Julio Jones consistently provide tremendous production for fantasy football teams, their value grows for the following years draft. After a record breaking 2019 season, Michael Thomas’ ADP (average draft position) rose to round one pick 7 in 2020 PPR (point per reception) 12 team drafts. To many fantasy football fans, MT at pick 7 may seem like a steal. After all, Michael Thomas did lead all receivers in scoring by almost 100 points. On top of this he was the 3rd highest scorer last year in all positions, behind only Christian McCaffery and Lamar Jackson.

But in reality, drafting a wide receiver before round three is the wrong decision. 

In 2019, the average points per game by an RB2 was around 14 points per game. Only 19 RB’s, however, managed to average 14 points per game or more. This means in a standard 12 man league, 5 players would lack a solid RB two option. In addition, if one of your running backs gets hurt or is on bye week, a solid backup is needed. Only 32 RBs in 2019 averaged 11 points per game or more. This again, leaves 4 players with a sub par backup option. The running back position is extremely scarce. Once the fantasy football season begins, many players will not be willing to trade their depth RB’s, which could leave many fantasy footballers with an unfixable hole in their squad.

Observing Wide Receivers in 2019, over 25 WRs averaged 14 points per game or more in PPR leagues. This leaves everyone in the league with two solid WRs. There are also many more Depth WRs that averaged 11+ points per game. And if a fantasy footballer does find itself a WR problem, it will not be tough to fix. RBs are at a much higher demand, so someone with a Running Back heavy team could easily trade a flex RB for a solid WR 2 option. 

While many wide receivers are tempting in the early rounds, drafting two or three consecutive Running backs to start your draft is the right decision. Having a lack of Running backs in fantasy football this year is nearly unfixable, and you do not want to learn this the hard way.

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