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Now 15 matches into the Premier League season – the table is very close considering that the point difference between 6th-place Manchester United and 18th-place Everton is a mere 7 points, something that can be made up in 3 games.

But, these teams do not matter, as the entire football world is focused on the top-4, especially the Leicester City Foxes, who last won the League in the 2015-16 season.  A couple of years later, and they find themselves in the mix for the title race, and have basically guaranteed them a Champions League spot in next year’s competition.

Now, many may be skeptical of my thoughts because of Liverpool’s pure dominance and 8 points clear of the 2nd place foxes, but hear me out.  Kasper Schmeichel right now is one of the league’s most consistent keepers and is keeping the Foxes in close games for most of the season, especially against the top-6 teams.  His knowledge for the game is clear, and the leadership he shows for this young core definitely helps. 

Alongside him is one of the most outstanding, and surprising, center midfields in the Premier League right now, consisting of Youri Tielemans, James Madisson, and a shifty Wilfred Ndidi.  These three men have been playing like an absolute unit lately, and I do not see any signs of them slowing down soon.

Something that also is worth mentioning is the lethal combination on the right side made of Ayoze Perez and Ricardo Pereira, who have been stunning this year thus far.  Their combination skills and potential to outplay the left side of defenses (Danny Rose, I’m looking at you) are obvious, and they will contribute to Leicester if they’re going to make a serious run.

And finally, the man you have been waiting for me to call out; Jamie Vardy.  What much is there to say about him?  He is a striker who scores at will, creates opportunities for his teammates, and is a great leader on the team.  With his league-leading 13 goals, nothing will stop Vardy from winning the Golden Boot this year, and I can guarantee that one.  Expect another great season from the England international heading into 2020.

Clearly, the Foxes are a young team with great potential, and the only powerhouse stopping them from hoisting the cup at the end of the season are the Reds.  With Mané, Van Dijk, and role players like Wijnaldum and Origi, nothing will stop Liverpool at the moment, but you can definitely expect a thrilling season that may come down to the wire.

(Photo Credit: NBC Sports)