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It’s commonly known that the NFL combine does not define a prospect. Although for an organization, it does help gain intel on a prospect’s physical traits but as time progressed, we are smart enough to know it doesn’t represent their entire array of football skills.

However, there is one event at the combine that many, including myself, that is overrated:

The 40 yard dash

The dash is always the most anticipated event in the combine, yet, history will shown it really doesn’t mean much towards a career.

How many times does a player actually run 40 yards in a straight line in game?

Almost never.

It doesn’t represent actual in game speed. Look at the top-5 fastest times ever:

John Ross: Although he has received minimal playing time, he isn’t living up to the hype.

Donte Stallworth: He never hit 1000 receiving yards in a season and had a subpar career.

Chris Johnson: Okay, to be fair he was pretty good and panned out like projected. Not Hall-of-Fame worthy, but still pretty good.

Rondel Menendez: Never played a NFL game

Dri Archer: Was released after rookie season with the Pittsburgh Steelers

Even looking at the rest of the top-10 fastest times, every player was mediocre at best. Recently drafted Oakland Raider,Henry Ruggs, has a chance to prove this overrated moral wrong this upcoming season as he ran the fastest 40 time of the combine.

Image: USA TODAY Sports