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As any Formula 1 fan can tell, Ferrari has clearly taken a step back from their 2019 car.

The real question is what could have happened in Maranello, which could have produced such a poor car as this one. The answer lies within last year’s FIA investigation into Ferrari and their engine.

At the end of last year, the FIA opened an investigation into an allegation of illegal parts being used within the Ferrari engine. The ruling within the investigation was that Ferrari would be fined and the rest of the ruling was to be held from the public. This was quickly brushed off by most fans until the first race of the season where the Ferrari car has been miles off the pace and leaves everyone wondering what happened.

Last season, the saving grace of the Ferrari, was the straight line speed which has been abandoned this year with their engines being one of, if not, the slowest on the grid. This could be catastrophic for Formula 1 as the Ferrari team looks to be the only team that can take the challenge to Mercedes.

The Red Bull team has always been good, but ever since the Sebastian Vettel days they have not been able to get a title challenger onto the grid. Ferrari have came the closest in the Mercedes dominant era and if Ferrari were to stay in this slump it could mean the end of Formula 1 as we know it.

As more racing series turn to being more standardized in their cars and having the drivers win the races Formula 1 has been on the other end of the spectrum with teams fighting to design entirely different cars. With Ferrari not keeping up with Mercedes there seems to be no real competition for the Mercedes and could lead to Formula 1 becoming more standardized.

The only saving grace for Formula 1 fans now is the 2022 regulation change which could shake up the grid and provide excellent racing ,but until then all we can do now is hope a team emerges as at least a race challenger for the Merc.

Photo: Motor 1