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As any avid Formula 1 fan knows, the AWS tire graphic used in every race is useless and offers no information, but now they have recently released their top-10 fastest drivers of All-Time and Lewis Hamilton ranked a mere 3rd  on the list behind Schumacher and Senna.

With this news, I think it is time to look back and see whether or not Lewis Hamilton is the most dominant F1 driver of all time.

To start off I’m going to look at the first two on the AWS list which are Ayrton Senna and Michael Schumacher. Senna was renowned for his ability to get the most out of the car and has the most poles of any driver as well as the highest percentage of getting pole position. The problem with his dominance is that he frequently lost out to longtime rival Alain Prost so he was not as dominant in his time as other drivers.

Next, I’ll look at Schumacher who is considered the Michael Jordan of F1 whereas Hamilton is LeBron James. Schumacher has won a mind-boggling seven world championships whereas Lewis Hamilton currently only has six, but is most likely going to win this year as well as the foreseeable future in the dominant Mercedes.

Lewis also has the record for most pole positions meaning he can get the most out of his car and this year has seemed to be leaving everyone in the dust. Lewis is a different breed altogether and is also on track to beat Schumacher’s win record this year. Lewis has been dominating all of his competition year after year with only two notable exceptions which is where teammate Nico Rosberg beat him in 2016, but many attribute that to Lewis’ two retirements which led him to lose the championship by five points and during the dog days of McLaren where they were a midfield team and were unable to contest for wins.

When Lewis is put into a competent car he exceeds all expectations and wins the championship. Lewis wins the championship by wide margins and his reign of the king of F1 is not over yet with many more championship years to come and he will go down in history as the most dominant driver of all time.

Photo: XPB Images