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While the prior offseason brought us some exciting drama, this upcoming offseason is set to be the offseason for teams to build their bench to elevate them to that next level. This free agency season will look to improve the kinks within the contending teams, changing the status of pretenders to contenders vice versa. Let’s take a look at a few key notable free agents to keep an eye on:

Jeff Teague

Splits: 10.9 PTS/ 5.2 AST/ 43.6 FG%

Jeff Teague is the perfect backup playmaker for a contending team. There have been multiple teams who have lacked that veteran backup playmaker such as the Clippers, Heat, and Nuggets. Jeff Teague can be a valuable backup point guard providing double digit worth of scoring, and 5 assists a game is great value for the bench facilitator. While I hope he stays in Atlanta as a Hawks fan, I wouldn’t mind seeing him land in a place such as LA for either LA team, or to the Bucks if they cannot get CP3. There are multiple places right now that are in need of a backup point guard, and Jeff Teague a former all star provides the perfect fit for this need. 

Jae Crowder

Splits: 10.5 PTS/ 5.9 TRB/40.1 FG%

This is actually the first off season where Jae Crowder can choose where to go. He was in Dallas for his rookie season, and then was traded from place to place throughout his career. He signed a 5-year deal with the Celtics, but this can be the first offseason where the veteran can choose where to play. He was a valuable 3/D player for the Heat’s finals run. He provides grit, and heart for a team. He can contribute both offensively, and defensively and is one of those players who does not need the ball to succeed. While he provides a great skill set level, his effort intangibles are also a value to admire, and can transform a bench from that pretending status to a contending status. 

Davis Bertans

Splits: 15.4 PTS/ 4.5 TRB/ 42.4 3P%

Davis Bertans is the perfect example of a modern day stretch forward. Not known for his interior presence, Davis Bertans can provide a tremendous boost to a team that needs offensive help. He has a great shooting touch for big men, and has a bit of playoff experience. A great player who deserves more than just a spot in Washington, Davis Bertans is a perfect guy for a team that needs shooting, but not defensive help such as the 76ers. Providing another shooting option for Ben Simmons can be tremendous for Philadelphia, but Davis Bertans has been rumoured to other destinations. That being said, Davis Bertans is a free agent that will be coveted after. 

Jordan Clarkson

Splits: 15.6 PTS/ 1.9 AST/ 36.8 3P%

Jordan Clarkson was a much needed scoring option for the Utah Jazz during these past playoffs. He was the only real consistent second option to back up Mitchell. He was a key reason as to why the Jazz managed to hold the 3-1 lead in the first place. Jordan Clarkson has shown that he can be a very reliable 6th man on a playoff team during this Jazz stint. He may be that bench scoring key for a majority of the playoff teams that didn’t have reliable bench scoring like the Celtics who really needed one or two more players to step up offensively. Wanamaker showed signs, but Clarkson is right now in his prime, and can utilise his value to the maximum potential on a team like the Celtics if he does not rejoin the Jazz

DeMarcus Cousins

Splits: N/A

DeMarcus Cousins hasn’t played since the 2019 NBA Finals, and is recovering from major injuries. Prior to his injury issues DeMarcus Cousins was one of the best Centers in the NBA. Cousins, and AD were set to be the dominant West frontcourt, but would end up falling short. I believe people have forgotten how dominant of a force Cousins can be on the court. If, and this is a big if, but if he can return to at least some sort of shadow of his former self he will be worth a good role player type contract. Cousins can prove to be valuable to teams that are in need of a two way center. He is by far one of the biggest unknowns in the NBA right now, but I would love to see him run it again with the Lakers next season. 

There are five underrated FA’s heading into this offseason. Do you want your favourite team to sign these players? Which player do you want your rival team to avoid signing? Which player are you most excited about? This off season will be quite an enjoyable one to watch. 

Image: Christian Peterson / Getty Images