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On October 24, Khabib Nurmagomedov will defend his title against the Interim Champion Justin Gaethje. This has the making to become the fight of the year, this is what I feel each fighter must do in order to win.

If Khabib wants to keep his belt he needs to do what he has been bred to do, smash people. Although Justin has a wrestling background, his main focus since starting MMA has been his boxing ability. If Khabib wants to win he will need to do what he has done to all his previous opponents, take them down and keep them there. Khabib’s wrestling will be too much for Gaethje to handle, and I can see Khabib getting a submission victory in the 4th round to regain his title.

Justin has already discussed his plan to victory, and I agree with it. He wants to leg kick Khabib until he is compromised and then get to work using his hands. If Gaethje is able to keep he fight standing I see him winning. Khabib was stunned against Dustin Poirier, and Gaethje possesses more power than Dustin, so there is a real possibility that Gaethje can put Khabib out. If Gaethje is to win I see it by a 2nd Round KO.

Both fighters have a plan of how they will win, and because they both have amazing coaches they aware of the ways they can both win and lose. Which ever fighter is sharper on fight night and is able to enforce his game plan on his opponent will be the victor. No matter the outcome this will be an amazing fight and I cannot wait for October 24th.

Image: Gila Herald