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The Team with the Most at Stake in the NFL Draft

Reading Time: 2 minutesThe Chargers have the most at stake of all NFL teams in this draft. This draft could set the stage for the new-look Chargers for many years to come, so let’s look at all possible scenarios: ___________________________ Scenario 1 – Chargers stay at pick #6 In this situation, it is assumed that Isaiah Simmons, Tua Tagovailoa, and Joe Burrow have been selected already. With the sixth overall pick in the NFL Draft, the Los Angeles Chargers select: Justin Herbert. The Chargers get a proven young talent at QB, who fits Coach Lynn’s dual threat preference. Herbert...

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Why Ohio State Will Win the National Championship

Reading Time: 2 minutesWith the playoff quickly approaching, I want to take a deep dive into the Ohio State Buckeyes; the team that I believe will win the National Championship when it is all said and done, and a team that is not getting enough national praise compared to LSU and Clemson. Let’s take a good look at both sides of the ball for the ‘Bucks: Offense: Quarterback Justin Fields, who leads the nation with a total of 1 interception on the year – has been phenomenal throughout the season. He has a league best 40:1 touchdown interception ratio....

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Why Joe Burrow is the Clear QB1

Reading Time: 2 minutesJoe Burrow started his collegiate career at Ohio State. The 4 star Pro Style quarterback decided to commit to OSU largely due to the proximity to home. After losing the starting job to, now Redskins QB, Dwayne Haskins, Burrow packed his bags and headed to Death Valley. To say the least, Burrow’s first year at LSU wasn’t pretty… Entering his senior season, Burrow had a 7th round grade from me. I went on record saying that he was the reason the team wasn’t a title contender his junior season.  With the hiring of, passing game coordinator,...

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