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Joe Burrow started his collegiate career at Ohio State. The 4 star Pro Style quarterback decided to commit to OSU largely due to the proximity to home. After losing the starting job to, now Redskins QB, Dwayne Haskins, Burrow packed his bags and headed to Death Valley.

To say the least, Burrow’s first year at LSU wasn’t pretty…

Entering his senior season, Burrow had a 7th round grade from me. I went on record saying that he was the reason the team wasn’t a title contender his junior season.  With the hiring of, passing game coordinator, Joe Brady, Burrow came out firing on all cylinders.


Burrow has a very quick processor. His ability to read and react to what the defense throws at him, has allowed for the LSU offense to keep defensive coordinators on their toes. Burrow has a very clear feel for the game, which likely stems from his dad’s connection and success in the game of football.

He has shown all season that he knows where to put the ball in order to not only protect the football, but also his receivers. Burrow throws a pretty football, which aids his ability to fit the ball into tight spots. Flashes impressive touch on his passes. He is clearly comfortable with his ability to get the ball where he needs to and on time. Has elite escape ability.

Defenders won’t take Burrow down without a fight. He doesn’t just escape by the tag of his shirt either. He has shown that he can slide away from oncoming pass rushers, straighten his body and deliver a strike on the move. Burrow maximizes his arm to add extra juice to his passes. The term “Pro Style Quarterback” sometimes scares readers into thinking a QB is stationary, but it is quite the opposite with Burrow. He is one of the more athletic QBs in the class.

Burrow is not only a premier talent on the football field, he also showcases elite leadership ability.


Burrow simply doesn’t have the arm talent of someone like Tua Tagovailoa or Justin Herbert. Some may see his sole year of elite production as a knock on him, but it doesn’t worry me much at all.


Burrow is a prototypical QB prospect. He possesses the physical tools that teams look for in QB prospects. He has the mental makeup of an NFL quarterback as well. He should be a day one starter, and a good one. I expect Burrow to lead a good culture on a very lucky NFL team.

GRADE: 1.1 (Early 1st)

PRO COMP: Tony Romo

(Photo Credit: Sports Illustrated)