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Through the years we have seen some of the most astonishing and thrilling goals. From Zidane’s volley in ‘02 to Ronaldo’s rocket against Porto, to Van Persie’s flying header in the World Cup, all had fans standing on their feet applauding the player. Besides these, some goals are etched into every soccer fan’s memory, giving them an ecstatic energy when they rewatch those moments. This is a list of the top 3 iconic goals that surely everyone will remember.

Number 3:

The third place spot on this list goes to one that may have been rather surprising to watch, Messi’s header in the 2009 UCL Final. Although many may say that Barcelona did not deserve to be in the final after the scandal in the semifinal, fans cannot deny that Messi produced a legendary goal. For someone who is known for his dribbling abilities, and not so much for his heading, Messi perfectly headed the ball over Van Der Sar’s head, securing the win, and the title.

Number 2:

The second spot on this list is one that all soccer fans will always remember. This goal marked the completion of the one of the most remarkable comebacks in soccer history. The goal is Sergi Roberto’s winner against PSG, in a game famously known as “La Remontada”. Still needing one more goal in just a few minutes of stoppage time left, Sergi Roberto did the unthinkable. Roberto timed his run, and perfectly connected with the ball, nudging it past the goalkeeper. To this day, fans remember the remarkable game, and Roberto’s goal is etched into soccer history.

Number 1:

The last goal and the most iconic of them all, is one that will never be forgotten, even a century later. To this day, fans can hear Martin Tyler words as Sergio Aguero scored a late winner in 2012. Needing one more goal with just two minutes left, City pulled off a miracle. The ball reached the feet of Balotelli, and as he fell from a tackle, he got just enough on the ball to pass it to Sergio Aguero, who dribbled and slotted it past the keeper at the near post. The stadium went berserk, and tears of sadness turned into tears of joy, as City once again lifted the title after 44 years.

These three goals have been inscribed in soccer history, but many more are still to come in the books.