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This upcoming NFL season will be an interesting one, as we will see players coming back from injury and other players rocking new uniforms. This year’s NFL MVP race could go multiple ways. However here are my predictions for the top 5 players in the MVP race:

1. Aaron Rodgers

  • After months of arguments with management, Rodgers will be returning to Green Bay for his “Last Dance.” I believe that the reigning MVP has the best chance to win the award again. Not only did he silence the haters last year, but he will now have to prove to other teams what he is capable of, being that he will leave Green Bay next season in sight of another team or even consider retirement. Aaron Rodgers had arguably his best season last year, racking up 48 touchdowns with the best wide receiver in the league, Davante Adams. It doesn’t look like anything will change this year as I think he will have a season very similar to the last year, if not even better.
  • 2020 stats: 70.7 completion % ; 4299 passing yards ; 48 touchdowns ; 5 interceptions

2. Patrick Mahomes

  • I think we can title this season as Patrick Mahomes’ “revenge year.” After an upset in the Super Bowl, Patty is back with a vengeance.  Luckily for him, the Chiefs were able to provide him with something new in the offseason… a better offensive line.  It is evident that one of the main reasons the Chiefs lost was because of their offensive line.  These new additions will help Mahomes wander around the pocket more to make the most effective play.  Paired with some of the best offensive players, I believe that the MVP race will be very tight as Mahomes continues to elevate his game.  I am excited to see how far Mahomes can push the Chiefs this season.
  • 2020 stats: 66.3 completion % ; 4740 passing yards ; 38 touchdowns ; 6 interceptions

3. Josh Allen

  • Last year Josh Allen became one of the biggest surprises as he launched himself into being a top player in the league.  Once Stefon Diggs was traded to the Bills, it was over the rest of the NFL.  Both these athletes played phenomenally last year as they were able to help each other elevate their games.  Both players are now some of the best in their respective positions, and the sky is the limit for both of them.  Based on the track Josh Allen is headed, I think that he will have a better season than he did last year.  This will undoubtedly lead him into being top 3 in the MVP race.  I think that he can do it as this young Bills team keeps looking stronger as each day goes on.
  • 2020 stats: 69.2 completion % ; 4544 passing yards ; 37 touchdowns ; 10 interceptions

4. Christian McCaffery

  • Although McCaffery had setbacks last year due to injuries, I still see him as the best running back in the league. Some people see Derrick Henry as the best running back due to his rushing ability. That is a fair argument, as he had over 2,000 rushing yards last year and 17 touchdowns. The problem with Derrick Henry is that he can be inconsistent at times. McCaffery is guaranteed to have huge yardage every single time he touches the ball. There is also no running back in the league that rushes and catches the ball like him. In his last full year, he had 1,000 receiving and rushing yards! There are only two other players in NFL history that could do the same. Now that the Panthers have improved their team and McCaffery is healthy, he will definitely be able to be top 5 in the MVP race.
  • 2020 stats: 3 games played ; 76 touches ; 4.9 yards/touch ; 374 scrimmage yards ; 6 touchdowns ; 0 fumbles

5. Aaron Donald

  • Arguably the best defender in the league and the three-time DPOY winner, Aaron Donald, deserves to be on this list. Although it will be tough for Donald to win this award, given that most players that win it are quarterbacks, I think that he has a chance. The way that teams have to handle Donald is something I have never seen before. Teams have to either triple-cover him or their quarterback will get sacked. Who could blame them though, he is a freak of nature. This can be compared to Stephen Curry as players have to triple-team him in order to make sure he doesn’t score. Aaron Donald has been consistently great for years as this new season doesn’t seem any different. With this Rams team looking better than ever, if Donald has a crazy season then he will be able to put himself into the top 5 or even the top 3 in the MVP race.
  • 2020 stats: 13.5 sacks ; 45 combined tackles ; 14 tackles for loss ; 28 quarterback hits

Honorable Mentions: Lamar Jackson, Davante Adams, Justin Herbert, Travis Kelce

Although the MVP race is heavily biased towards quarterbacks, I think that this narrative could soon change. With players like Davante Adams, Derrick Henry, and Travis Kelce breaking records, we could see a new line of MVPs that don’t mainly include quarterbacks. There could also potentially be a new award that will be given to any non-quarterback. This is an effective way to recognize all the great talent that surrounds the quarterbacks. However, for right now it looks like the MVP race will be home to quarterbacks for the near future.