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Throughout their short NFL careers, Dwayne Haskins Jr., Daniel Jones, and Sam Darnold have been given little support to be able to justify their upper-first round draft selection. In 2020, Washington, the Jets, and the Giants are all likely to finish with bad records and could very likely end up with Justin Fields, Trevor Lawrence, and Trey Lance (in no particular order). So where would these young QBs go if they’re being dumped for a draft prospect. Here’s what I think:

Sam Darnold – Indianapolis Colts

Sam Darnold has played three seasons in his career, and in those three seasons, he has shown so many flashes, but it’s clear that Adam Gase and the Jets have been doing their best to ruin the former 3rd overall pick. The Colts, however, are in a much better position to let Darnold thrive. Frank Reich has proven to be a good head coach, their offensive line is elite (he’s never had that before), and they have the draft capital and money to pay him in the future. In addition, Phillip Rivers is bad and likely on his way out, so a 2nd round pick for Sam Darnold would benefit both sides.

Dwayne Haskins Jr. – Chicago Bears

Don’t let the Bears’ 4-1 record fool you, their QB play is what is holding them back. Nick Foles and Mitch Trubisky have both played below average in 2020, which in my opinion, is preventing them from being a true contender in the NFC. Haskins has a lot of promise, and based on Chicago’s current QB situation, there is no real reason not to attempt to find a franchise QB who has shown some promise, but has been held back by his supporting cast. And the Bears would have to give AT MOST a 3rd round pick.

Daniel Jones – Atlanta Falcons

I think Atlanta is finally done with Matt Ryan. Owner Arthur Blank fired both the GM and Head Coach, and when asked about Matt Ryan, he seemed like he was done with the 35-year old QB. While Jones may not be the answer that they want, he is certainly an option. Jones has had many coachable inconsistencies, and if Atlanta chooses to hire the right people for Coach and GM, they would be willing to gamble on a potential star QB. Also, Calvin Ridley and Julio Jones isn’t a bad surrounding core, and a 3rd round pick should be enough to bring Danny Dimes into Atlanta.

Image: USA Today Sports