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With the recent news of former seventh overall pick Lias Andersson deciding to remain in Sweden instead of joining the New York Rangers for training camp, let’s look at some possible trade destinations for the young forward.

The only way he’ll be able to return to the NHL is via trade after refusing to be apart of the Rangers organization. This was a result of the 21 year old Swedish forward not living up to expectations and severely underperforming.

Edmonton Oilers

The first possible deal is a clean one for one swap with the Edmonton Oilers. Lias Andersson for 22 year old former fourth overall pick Jesse Puljujarvi. Both players are similar because they both left their current team due to them underperforming and not fitting in with the team. The young stars need a change of scenery.

In Puljujarvi’s last NHL season, he had four goals and nine points in 46 games as a right winger for the Oilers. Lias had zero goals and one point in 17 games in his last stint with the Rangers. A trade involving the two almost went down back in November but fell through last minute. However, a clean swap between these two teams is very possible to occur.

Anaheim Ducks

Another possible one-for-one swap deal could involve the Anaheim Ducks. Lias Andersson for 22 year old winger Max Jones. In his last stint with the Ducks, Jones had eight goals and twelve points in 59 games. This was not the ideal outcome Anaheim was looking for in the former 24th overall pick. This is another example of when a change of scenery is the last hope for these young forwards.

Buffalo Sabres

Lastly, we have a deal that involves the Buffalo Sabres. Lias Andersson for 21 year old center Casey Mittelstadt and a fifth round pick. Mittelstadt has never really fit in with Buffalo and needs a new team to turn his career around. The former eighth overall pick only registered four goals and nine points in thirty one games in his last season with the Sabres. This is another example of a player who’s only hope to bounce back, is a new team to play for.

These are three very possible deals involving Lias Andersson that could benefit both teams involved. A change of scenery is Lias’ only hope for a promising and successful career. Fresh starts and new beginnings is key for all players mentioned above.

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