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When you think of the recent Falcons offense you probably think of two players, in particular, Matt Ryan and Julio Jones.

They’ve been a constant QB and WR1 on that offense since 2014. Today I’m going to look at the WR2s on those offenses to see what we can expect out of Calvin Ridley for this upcoming season. The WR2s under Ryan/Julio since 2014 have been Roddy White (2014 -15), Mohammed Sanu (2016-17), and Calvin Ridley (2018-19). 2018 was the only unclear choice since Sanu had 2 more receptions and 17 more yards but I still went with Ridley because he had 6 more TDs.

So with that out of the way here are the average fantasy totals from each of the WR2s (PPR).

Roddy White: 311.7 points in 29 games, 10.75 ppg
Mohammed Sanu: 323.1 points in 30 games, 10.77 ppg
Calvin Ridley: 403.8 points in 29 games, 13.92 ppg

So now in reflection, I thought I was going to end up saying that recent Falcons WR2s have always been good but after digging in deeper it seems they have always been decent but Ridley has taken it a step above that.

With all of this information along with the lack of a strong WR3 on the Falcons offense; I would feel comfortable drafting Calvin Ridley at, if not before, his ADP (average draft position.)

Photo Credit: Sports Illustrated