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The NFL trade deadline is quickly approaching. With New England’s offense needing some major help, it would make sense for them to target someone before it’s too late. Many rumors have been floating around the league this past month, but only a small number of them are realistic for the Patriots.

To start out, the list of offensive contributors the Patriots should target this week is Cincinnati Bengals WR ​AJ Green​. Green has been wanting out of Cincinnati for a while now. Through the Bengals first five games, the former star receiver is only ranked 3rd in receiving yards. Rookie quarterback Joe Burrow is developing connections with some of the younger breakout receivers over Green. The Patriots would most likely want Green to sign on a veteran minimum contract given his injury prone history, but he could add another receiving option for Cam Newton to throw to.

Also on the Bengals, WR ​John Ross​ also needs a new home. After being one of the fastest guys out of college, he hasn’t yet lived up to the hype surrounding his entry into the league. The Patriots need to add a speed burner to their offense, and may wish to provide Ross with a second chance to prove his worth in the league.

WR ​Will Fuller V​ is another intriguing option. The 26-year-old Houston Texans receiver has had an impressive start to this season. However, he has missed 20 games in his last three seasons due to injury. But, with his contract expiring in the coming offseason, the Texans will be keen to trade him away.

Lions’ WR ​Marvin Jones ​is coming off another productive season. The veteran’s contract expires this offseason, meaning the Lions may want to move him elsewhere soon. Adding an experienced pass catcher would be a smart move for the Patriots.

New York Giants’ WR ​Golden Tate​ completes this list. He has proved to be a reliable contributor in any offense he is in. Being a cheap trade target, the Patriots may want to look his way this week.

As you can see, the Patriots need offensive help, specifically Wide Receivers.

Photo: Nick Wass/ AP